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Sunday, 27 April 2014

"Systemic Complaints Against The States Are Completely Ignored"

"Cover Up Jersey - The Island That
Justice Forgot"

"Pet Cabs"

Robert Bisson explains the farce so far.

The Saga Continues….

"What appears to be typical of dealing with any States Department seems to be the amount of circles that are made and the hoops that people have to jump through.

Since the TTS department issued me with the licence this has meant me being arrested twice, financial hardship, and the loss of an income.

While the TTS department accepts no responsibility for the actions caused, it would have been easier if no licence had ever been issued of which this was mentioned to the DVS at the time of the discussion when it was learned what they wanted to do with the licence on 5 December 2012. The licence was issued on 18 February 2013

During the past year and three months the politicians that have been made aware of the problem, and who have failed me are as follows.

Senator Francis Le Gresley
Senator Alan Maclean
Senator Philip Ozouf
Senator Bailhache
Senator Gorst
Seantor Farnham
Seantor Le Marquand
Constable Crowcroft
Constable Norman
Constable Refault
Constable Rondel
Constable Pallett
Constable Le Troquer
Deputy Le Herrisiser
Deputy Hilton
Deputy Le Fondre
Deputy Lewis
Deputy Noel
Deputy Higgins
Deputy Green
Deputy Macon
Deputy Baudains
Deputy Baker
Deputy Luce
Deputy Bryans
Deputy Moore
Deputy Rondel

Any of these politicians could have lodged a proposition. Deputy Lewis delegated his powers to the Head of DVS and signed the original decision and refused to correct the mistake and he was alerted to the problem after just six days after the licence being issued, and maintained that the licence should have been surrendered rather than dealing with the problem.

An appeal was made to the Royal Court on 23 December 2013 and the case won by a consent order being issued, but again the Department and the Police didn't seem to understand the issue.

The TTS department are now trying to remove the issue of the PSV badge entitling me to drive a taxi. They have already removed the taxi plate from the vehicle.

I am currently waiting for a meeting with DVS to find out what they propose to do."

Damning verdict of complaint process

Leah Ferguson reports

ITV News has obtained details of a complaint made against Jersey's Social Security minister alleging he had called a benefits claimant "a liar and a cheat".

An internal States investigation has decided the minister didn't do anything wrong, but an independent report has criticised the way the government deals with complaints from islanders.

The Transport Minister, the Planning Minister and the Social Security Minister were all singled out for their "inflexible stance" and their "reluctance to accept that mistakes do happen."

Paul Bellas lost his job last year. He received a pay off from his employer, then found temporary work, but needed to claim income support while he looked for a permanent job.

He says Social Security mishandled his claim.

Mr Bellas said: “He called me a cheat, a benefit liar, he called my family cheats and benefit liars in a very agitated tone, also while pointing the finger in temper. I was very taken aback by his behaviour, I was surprised.”

He added: “Social Security need to show some respect to people like me, when we've got hard time ahead of us, we need to be listened to. Also Social Security just doesn’t care, they're not interested in the every day person, all you are is a number.”

We asked the Minister for a response. He refused to comment.

The Chief Minister's Department said in a statement, “It is encouraging that in the findings, the Complaints Board has noted the professionalism and ‘sterling work’ of public sector staff, however, we note the criticism made by the board of Ministers and Departments. The public sector deal with many thousands of applications of each year, and where learning is necessary that does take place. That is precisely what we will do in respect of the recommendations of the complaints board, with a view to improving the process of responding where appropriate.”

“The Chief Minister’s Department investigated a complaint made against the Social Security Minister Senator Francis Le Gresley in accordance with the Ministerial code of conduct. The complaint was not upheld.”

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