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Monday, 7 April 2014

"She's Back!!! But On The Wrong Side"

Only Senators should qualify for top roles,
says deputy


  1. She has a point, imagine a 200 vote Deputy getting the top job.

  2. This island's electoral system is so far behind its in the dark ages. A small island should have island wide voting for every politician and no unelected person taking part in the States assembly meaning the Bailiff or Dean.

    Remember Frank Walker got in on just over three hundred votes from a country parish and yet represented over 90,000 people.

    When it comes to voting on important issues who has the greater power in using his vote the Chief MInister, Senator or Deputy or a Senator, they are all equal its about the number cast.

    Constables should not get an automatic right to sit in the states when voted into their little parishes.