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Friday, 4 April 2014

"Pre-poll Voting? Ram It You Scum!"

Jersey election 2014: Move to extend pre-poll voting

Voting is a government franchise!!!

Black’s Law Dictionary;
Franchise. A special privilege to do certain things conferred

by government on individual or corporation, and
which does not belong to citizens generally of common
Elective franchise. The right of suffrage; the right or

privilege of voting in public elections.

Pre-poll voting may be offered in out-of-town locations in a bid to improve turnout at States elections in Jersey.
It is one of a number of suggestions put forward by the Privileges and Procedures Committee.
Currently pre-polling occurs for about three weeks before an election, but only in St Helier on weekdays.
The committee wants to start offering pre-polling at three locations on Saturdays before elections to help those who live and work out of town.
Opening the polling stations is expected to cost about £10,000.
Other proposals include extending the amount of time islanders have to register to vote before an election and allowing prisoners on remand to vote by pre-poll.
The committee also considered whether holding elections on a weekend or bank holiday would encourage more people to vote, but found no evidence it would make any difference.
If approved the changes would come into effect from January - after the next general election in October.


  1. hi ian many of us states tennents have been called for a parish hall enquiry for no tv licence what has it got to do with jersey I thought it was with the bbc what is going on here



  4. How come there is a comment about tv licenses that I have just posted now, and two responses already in the inbox before I posted the comment?

  5. Don't go to the Parish hall, there is no law saying you have to, if you go it shows that you are concerned. The BBC are a corporation supported by Government which will be changing its structure so only civil law will be used. The BBC know this, and it appears they are fielding a knee jerk reaction.

    Ignore them.

    Leave them sit in the Parish hall by themselves, and ask each other silly questions.

  6. iv just got email from licencing saying ok I don't need a licence so no townhall for me