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Sunday, 27 April 2014

"Poor To Be Fed On Muck Meat And GMO Poison Whilst States Stall On Providing A Cheap Island Supermarket"

No new supermarket 'until land rezoned'
A lack of a suitable site is a major barrier to any new discount supermarket setting up in St Helier, a Scrutiny panel has been told.
Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean said that he would support a review of planning priorities to allow a sizeable site to be rezoned in town to accommodate the likes of an Aldi, Lidl or Tesco store.
Giving evidence to the Economic Affairs scrutiny panel, the minister said that a lack of sites and space was a barrier to entry for a new supermarket.
‘There is no area and space identified in town for a substantial sized unit. We would need additional land rezoned for it,’ he said.

1 comment:

  1. More like the people who run this island have business/money interests in the co-op, waitrose etc and don't want any real competition to mess up their money maker.

    Didn't Senator Farnham's family own the spar shops?