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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

"Planning Corruption At It's Worst"

"Time Barred Appeals May Go Ahead If You Have Connections To A States Member"

Bailhache couldn't cope with losing the vote
Campaigners in Jersey have won the right to appeal against the building of 28 new homes at Plemont.

They won their battle to be allowed to appeal this morning (Tuesday). 

The Planning Minister had argued that the parishioners didn't get their original appeal in within the correct time frame, so it should be struck off. This has now been overruled. 

Plans to build on the former Pontin site have been controversial over the past few months.

Following the approval to build, St Ouen parishioners put in an appeal to the States to try and stop the houses being built.

However the Planning Minister, Deputy Rob Duhamel, said it was too late to put in the appeal.

As well as proposing to build 28 homes, the plans include: 

The ceding of land to an appropriate body for landscaping and habitat creation. The implementation of that landscaping and habitat creation. The restoration of an Occupation structure for use as a bird hide. A financial contribution to the on-going maintenance of the new landscaping to ensure that a natural landscape is re-established.

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