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Thursday, 24 April 2014

"One Hundred Years Of Lies and Deception By The Globalists - How The People Have Been Duped Into Their Own Death Over Bankers Wars"

Women's Institute joins social media poppy campaign
Joan Cadoret says St Andrew's Park poppies will be visible from the road

Poppies have been planted as part of a social media campaign to mark the First World War in Jersey.
Members of the First Tower and Millbrook Women's Institute sowed seeds and plants which should bloom by the August centenary.
The idea is part of a UK-wide movement to commemorate the outbreak of hostilities.
Joan Cadoret, of the First Tower and Millbrook WI, said the location in St Andrew's Park was perfect.
"It's going to be a very sunny patch and passing traffic will see it from the road," she said.
"It's 100 years since the Great war and over the next four years we hope to commemorate that. It was such a horrendous time."
Plants, seeds and park space were donated by the Parks and Gardens Service

Deputy Richard Rondel has launched a social media campaign, supported by the Jersey Farmers' Union, to encourage islanders to plant poppies.
"It's vitally important for all age groups," said Deputy Rondel.
"A lot of people have said they want to get involved so I thought I'd set up a Facebook site. There is something similar in the UK. It's spread very quickly indeed."


Government is Antoinesque.
Politics is broken.
Democracy is dead.
Parliament is not fit for purpose.
Government has become the enemy of the State.

The banksters are but one part of ‘the establishment ‘ that depends upon corruption to exist.
The entanglement is both endemic and systemic.
This government is corrupt.

The corruption is absolute, lead from the top down, and out of control.
Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints.
Having neither the will nor ability to change, outside intervention is indicated.
   Any persons who fail to act appropriately when faced with corruption, 
   or condone in any way the actions of those determined as corrupt, 
   become, by definition, corrupt themselves.
 There comes a time when, for the sake of humanity, society and civilisation, 
 it is not only the choice of a person to throw out corrupt governance, 
 but a duty.
 It is those in power who are the terrorists, having destroyed our society from within.
Martin B

Below are all the links to everything you ever wanted to know about the lies governments have told you over many generations!!!

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