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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Jersey Starts It's Campaign Against The Middle Class, A Little Later Than Other Jurisdictions Mind"

"NWO Are At It In Jersey Now"

Everyone has a right to free education in the civilized world, even in the uncivilized world also as we are all equal, but as the saying goes, "some pigs are more equal than others".

This is typical NWO folks, they have bled the poor dry in most countries and are now turning on the middle class as I predicted a few years back. The poor, apart from a select few, were to weak to rise up, will the middle class kick up a stink or will they passively accept the financial brutality that is coming their way?

Presumably, most of you are somewhat aware of how the student loan shyte works in alleged democracies around the world? It is nothing more than an opportunity to enslave the middle class kids with debt, a debt that will hang around their necks until middle age.

Get out while you still can, home school your kids in the fine arts such as growing your own food, water irrigation, farming, even survival skills, because by fu*k, when the globalist scum have finished with the sheeple, the above skills are the only ones you are going to need to know about!!!

Do any of you parents seriously think there are going to be any jobs when your kids are done with the fraudulent 'education' system?

Life skills and peaceful none compliance are the only tools you are going to need when the world's governments have finished with your asses and they collapse the fiat currency paper money....


  1. Baaaa aaa!

    Every kid deserves a free education, and there are free schools out there. Plus, there are plenty of so called highly educated pple out there living a most sheepleful lives of repetative monotony as they chase paper bills to pay for their right to exist on this earth. they were born onto.