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Friday, 25 April 2014

"Jersey Political Reformers Condemn Chief Minister's Power Grab"

"When Will They Learn?"

Did no one think that there might be a price for losing the BayLeaf as speaker?

The price is Gorst having all the power he wants until Bailhache takes over the reigns!

Criticism over Chief Minister changes

Deputy Sam Mezec

Political campaign group, Reform Jersey, have outlined their issues with the proposed changes to the role of Chief Minister at a public meeting.

The proposals will be debated in the States of Jersey at the end of April.

The Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, will be asking the States to increase the powers of the Chief Minister.

Reform Jersey is against the proposed changes as they believe it will give one person too much power.

Deputy Sam Mézec said: “What the States is being asked to discuss is probably the biggest change to the nature of how we are governed since the introduction of ministerial government in 2005. It is completely unacceptable for such changes to go through without some sort of public discussion” said Reform Jersey chairman

“In many other jurisdictions, the Chief Minister or Prime Minister does have the power to hire and fire his ministers and bind them to collective responsibility, but in Jersey we don’t have a say over who our Chief Minister is because we don’t have a party system. Without that extra layer of democratic accountability it is completely unacceptable to take power away from the States and give it to one person.”

Deputy Mézec has lodged a proposition to the States saying that, in the absence of party politics, the Chief Minister should be directly elected by the public.

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  1. The entire system is out of control