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Monday, 28 April 2014

"Jersey Failing On Mental Health Again & Some Natural Tips To Cure Yourself"

Fresh issues surrounding mental health

Jersey's adult mental health service is failing islanders in desperate need of help. 

A huge surge in cases of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts has lead to 45 new referrals to the health service each week. That means people are waiting up to 9 months for psychological therapy. 

Now a Jerseyman Mark Leonard, who has faced months of despair while on the waiting list, is campaigning for quicker access to treatment. 

Mark Leonard told ITV Channel Television, "With mental health issues, especially depression, suicidal tendencies, it's an illness you can't see, you can't just walk into A&E, if you've got a broken leg they can put you in a plaster cast, mental illnesses you cannot see it."

Mark has tried to commit suicide three times while waiting for a psychological assessment. 

Jersey States agreed the need to provide a better mental health service two years ago. It plans to invest just under £2 million in the service by 2016 and is in the process of recruiting 13 staff to provide talking therapies. There will also be a comprehensive review of all mental health services by the end of this year. 

But Mark says that more needs to be done to help patients in the short term. He says that he has been left to suffer in silence, so now in desperation he is speaking out to the media. 

He said, "Something has to change, something drastically has to change. I can't understand why it has taken so long, this is something that should've been addressed straight away, obviously there's been a few tragedies through depression, through other reasons as well, somebody should've picked up on this a lot lot sooner, it seems like it's been swept under the carpet you could say. Personally I think it's too little too late, this should've been done months ago."

"A Few Tips To Help"

1. Stay well clear of drugs and alcohol when suffering bouts of depression.

2. Spend more time with those who's company you enjoy rather than being alone.

3. Get as much natural vitamin C into your body as you can (within reason), vitamin C is very good for the body and the mind, and a great healer.

4. Meditation is also a wonderful natural way to lift the mood.

5. Listen to music that heals, YouTube is full of it. See below

6. Eat healthily, fruit and veg are a must as opposed to meat, packaged and processed garbage which is full of chemicals that trash brain function.

7. Get plenty of sunshine, vitamin D3 is an excellent antidepressant. You can buy good vitamin D3 supplements from 5,000iu per day for children and 10,000iu per day for adults. You will never get a cold either.

8. Stay well away from cordless appliances, mobile phones, or any WiFi EMR emitting devices.

9. If you can do this safely, steer clear of using any pharmaceutical antidepressants as the first thing doctors reach for is the prescription pad.

10. Exercise is the daddy for fighting anxiety and depression, it is a huge benefit in lifting mild to mid depression. Get out on the beach or into the countryside and walk with your shoes off, walking barefoot enables you to pick up on the earth's natural signal, the Schumann cavity resonance which is 7.83 Hz.

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