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Saturday, 5 April 2014

"Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry - Victims Want To Ask Their Own Questions"

"It sound as though the inquiry wants to control the giving of evidence"

Please also see an excellent posting by Stuart Syvret on his new blog at the link below.


  1. Too restrictive to be transparent I'm afraid. This will be another whitewash, and why no cross examination? Why should victims not be able to ask their very valid questions and voice their concerns.

    Truly disappointing.

    1. You expected something more? Somehow, I don't think you did.

      This COI is the final covering up of epidemic paedophilia of the elite, and also the grubby lower class scum who, via their knowledge of the elite perpetrators, have filled their own boots with the debauchery of young defenceless children because they knew they would be protected because they held the currency, the knowledge....Jeff Le Marquand, Mario Lundy (child beater) Danny Wherry.

      Why on earth do the people think that this COI took "FOUR YEARS" to actually get under way?

      All angles leading to the elite are now covered!!!