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Thursday, 3 April 2014

"Jersey Child Abuse Committee Of Inquiry Finally Kicks Off"

"And About Time Too"

I hope we also find out what Health Minister Anne Pryke and paedophile Danny Wherry were doing trying to sneak into Haut De La Garenne to remove evidence!!!

See link below

A public inquiry into child abuse in Jersey's care system will hold a preliminary hearing in St Helier.
The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, led by Frances Oldham QC, is examining allegations of abuse dating back to the 1960s.
Following a three-year police investigation which ended in 2011, seven people were convicted for a range of crimes spanning decades.
Many of those related to the now-closed Haut de La Garenne home in St Martin.
Proceedings were delayed last year when the original chairwoman, Sally Bradley, had a stroke.
Thursday's hearing will set terms of reference for the inquiry, which is expected to get fully under way in the summer and report in a year's time.
The precise timescale under investigation will depend on how many witnesses come forward and there is, as yet, no deadline for submissions.
The inquiry still wants to hear from anyone who was in care in Jersey since the 1960s and from those who have provided or monitored care services.
Frances Oldham, a senior UK judge with 36 years experience in family and criminal law, said: "The inquiry aims to understand what happened, why it was allowed to happen and what lessons can be learned.
"We will put witnesses at the heart of this process and do all we can to ensure that they are encouraged to trust us with their stories and experiences."
Cover-Up TV

As commentators, political leaders and the outside world will be watching Jersey's child abuse inquiry forensically, at its heart, its purpose is to hear from those who were victims of the island's care system.

In recent years, ITV News has spoken to many who've waited for right moment for their stories to be heard by the authorities.

One told us: "He started rubbing his arms down my arms, my back, the front of me. And I thought hang on a minute, I've got to get away from him."

Another said: "I had darts thrown at me, not like darts like you see today. And if you moved you were hit with a stick."

One man prayed the day would come when the authorities would listen. He said: "This case will never go away, I'll always be fighting them. I'm never going to let this die. It will always be ongoing, fighting this."

The dark secrets hidden behind the doors of care and foster homes in Jersey, including Haut de la Garenne in St Martin, are about to have light shed on them.

The inquiry will also get a sense of what life was like for those in care.

Among them Barrie Ford who lived at Haut de la Garenne from 1957 to 1961.

He wasn't abused and remembers his time fondly, but says there was strict discipline.

Barrie said: "There was the odd caning taking place but basically a lot of it was done with the slipper, but it's basically what it used to be in those days and you've got to remember boys are boys."

The Filthy Rag
The long-awaited public inquiry into historical child abuse in Jersey was launched today with a pledge that the investigation will be fearless, open and transparent in its pursuit of the truth.

Care leavers, lawyers and members of the public gathered at St Paul's Centre to hear how the inquiry would proceed over the coming months and what objectives had been set.
The inquiry follows a police investigation into historical child abuse at former children's home Haut de la Garenne and an undertaking by the States to look into cases of abuse in Jersey's child care system.
Inquiry chairman Frances Oldham, QC, began by asserting the inquiry's total independence and said that the process would be 'as open and as transparent as possible'.
She said: 'Our purpose is to establish the truth. The truth about what happened to children in residential and foster homes, how mistreatment of children remained hidden for so long and what was done when concerns were raised. We will investigate those matters robustly and fearlessly.'

Video of the introductory speech from Frances Oldham, QC

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