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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Jersey Attempt To Alienate The impoverished"

"Job Shy? Maybe They Just Don't Want To Work For Less Than They Get From
Social Security, And Why Should They?"

It is looking like it is time to take "The States Of Jersey Inc" to court in a class action for "Breach Of Trust".

The States of Jersey Inc are responsible for the mess the island is in today, they are responsible for all the assets the people own, and they have squandered those assets, even pissed them up the wall for their own benefit....Leaving sweet fuck all for the true owners of those assets!

They let the powerful and rich pay nothing in tax whilst casting the burden of these parasites and corporate entities onto the poor.

It's time to demand what is ours is given back peeps.



  1. "WHAT SAY YOU"....

    My guess is fuck all!!!

  2. These bastards make my piss boil i lost my job over a year ago due to arthritis in my neck and shoulders oh and throw some trapped nerves into the equation too....There are also more related problems in my mid and lower back and they wont even give me a scan on those.... funny thing is i only found out about the trapped nerves via a medical report that my ex employer asked for and i demanded a copy of... a bit like a few years back when i had an mri on my arm and was told it was normal only to find out 2 years later i actually had ruptured my bicep where the muscle joins the bone i found this out via a refferal letter from another quack which was in another medical report the company had asked for nice to kept informed eh when i confronted the docs about this guess what silence i then said it'd be a lot different if i was private as the steam was hissing out my ears to which he bowed his head looked at the floor and said yes....Now all my working life iv'e done manual work and grafted my bollocks off doing it and now well no more of that for me as i simply cant do it gettin too old now anyhow.....Cue the social 10 per cent long term incapacity when i still haven't been properly diagnosed WTF.....Now i have the gestapo i mean back to work team on my back telling me to get a job so i told them i have already applied to get a psv licence but this takes time as you have to do the knowledge test their response has been to send me on meaningless irrelevant courses slowing me right down on the knowledge which i was already doing with no prompting from them they didn't like it very much when i pointed this out to them...... i simply dont need their useless advice or courses
    as iv'e had a fucking hard life including a very bad childhood where unfortunately i was abused but i am a survivor and beaten all that and a lot more besides.....So it enrages me to have to go to social once a week to tell them what i'm doing as regards finding work to some jumped up little shit who i have probably forgotten more than they will ever know.....And i must admit at this time i am stressed out to the limit and severely depressed so if you hear on the grapevine some bloke went off his trolley in the social or some other related department that'll probably be me at least someone will know the real truth.......Love the blog by the way i came across it yesterday whilst trying to research why the suicide rate on this vipers nest of an island is so high....RIOT ANYBODY ? WELL COUNT ME RIGHT IN.