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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"Hahaha, 'World Autism Awareness Day' For Dummies" LOL ;)

Rouge Bouillon marks Autism Awareness Day

First clue?

The kid "Zac" looks a little small to be 16 yrs old Cover-Up TV?

Today is World Autism Awareness Day - something that both Autism Jersey and Guernsey are celebrating. 

One school in Jersey has been showing ITV Channel Television how it supports students with Autism.

The pupils have been wearing blue in support of World Autism Awareness Day while discovering the best ways to engage with their fellow classmates.

16 year-old Zac is one of 16 pupils with the condition at Rouge Bouillon school. Being Autistic means Zac experiences the world slightly differently to his other classmates.

His condition means he can find it hard to cope in the classroom, but he can come here to focus.

In mainstream education he's come on leaps and bounds - just eight months ago, he was mute. 

Katie Le Miere from Rouge Bouillon School said: "When Zac first started it was very limited his language and it's all of a sudden really come on, his confidence in speaking, he's learning, he's picking up things around him just from hearing conversations and the work he does at his work station. He's really coming along."

"Now For Some Real Facts - My Autism
Q & A Extravaganza"

First question to anyone out there in Jersey, Channel Islands, who is following the two weeks of reporting on the autism epidemic.

1. What causes autism?


  1. ' What causes Autism'.....or what causes the 'dictates of Society' ?

    I say this because a learning disability is always measured regarding it's incompatability within the rigid programmed ways of Society. This is why we see people with learning disabilities living mostly in care homes on the 'fringes of society', and mostly ignored by the everyday 'working class'. Has anyone ever considered that Autism may in fact be a normal human trait that has been revealed as a consequence of this ever unnaturally competative concrete world we live in full of daft choices of 'more meaningless stuff', and lacking in a caring supporting simplistic lifestyle like the world used to be?

    I find it interesting that when Zac is shown caring support from fellow students that he has come forward in leaps and bounds. I think this is something we can all learn from. Maybe society needs to take a break from 'get with the programme', drop it's ego and become a bit more human again .

  2. Excellent comment, and rather valid in my opinion :)

  3. For anybody that doubts the existence of autism, I would invite to watch Horizon: Living with Autism (2013-2014). It provides an excellent insight into the difficulties that people with autism spectrum disorders have in navigating their daily lives. Although I am undiagnosed, it is highly likely that I myself suffer from high functioning autism. I am over 35 and spent many years being really quite confused by the volatility of interpersonal relationships without understanding why. Like many high functioning autism sufferers I have developed adaptations that serve to mask the "condition" but, in my view, the most useful "treatment" is widespread knowledge of the personality type and of the difficulties they suffer. In a much as the children that suffer from autism spectrum disorders require support from their surroundings, adult sufferers also need support and understanding.