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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"Hahaha, Taser's Are Not Directly Linked To Any Cases Of Death?"

"You What!!!"

Click on the labels tab at the foot of the posting to see if taser's cause death!!!

Failing that, just YouTube "Taser Deaths" that might just do it for you :)

Concerns over Taser decision

Spelling mistakes and all! LOL

Leah Ferguson reports.

The founder of the Jersey Human Rights group is concerned about the introduction of Tasers in the island. 

Bob Hill, who is also a former policeman, is worried that arming officers in such a way will breakdown the public's trust in the force. 

He said: "When I was patrolling the streets all I had was a baton and some handcuffs. As the years have gone by, we've seen officers armed with all kinds of weapons and I am concerned that the introduction of Tasers is a further step away from traditional, community policing and could cause mistrust among the public." 

However Mr Hill concedes that stun guns are a less lethal option to firearms. 

Politicians debated the issue during yesterday's (Tuesday) States meeting. Members voted in favour of bringing in the electrical stun guns

The propsitions were lodged by Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand. He was pushing for firearm officers to be equipped with Tasers and to use them more frequently.

The Home Affairs Department insists only specially trained firearms officers will be allowed to use Tasers and that the circumstances in which they can be used will be limited. 

Mr Hill said: "I hope that the safeguards that we have put forward, such as when, where and how tasers should be used and who is allowed to carry them will be implemented."

Members of Guernsey Police are already armed with Tasers. 

St Helier, Deputy Nick Le Cornu: "Rather than policing by consent it's policing by force and we're seeing that on our television screens regularly in places like Greece and Spain where the crisis is at a pitch that people are demonstrating and the police are being very aggressive in their dealing with decent... you see repression." 

"Policing By Government Drones"

All the above politicians are completely out of the loop when it comes to understanding what is going on in every country world wide at the moment, even the old school Bob Hill is at a loss when it comes to understanding the real truth of what is going down in the world today.

We can glance at a photo of Bob and think, those village bobbies weren't so bad after all, all those years ago when friendly policing was the way of life, and by consent....

Nick le Cornu touches on "Policing By Consent" and rightly so, but WTF does Nick Le Cornu know about policing by consent? He is a lawyer who has undoubtedly (in his time) fucked people over who have not consented!!!

Only now does he start making a stand for policing by consent?

Policing by consent has been around since the Magna Carta Nick! Perhaps you shouldn't have fallen asleep in all those law seminars that indoctrinated you!

What did I say at election time a few weeks ago? Jersey's imbeciles voted in two lawyers!!!

Bob Hill, old school cop
who saved a generation like myself :)

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