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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"Hahaha, Sand In Our Air, Makes A Change From Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Aluminium, And Even Dried Blood!"

Islanders warned of polluted air

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Air quality is expected to be particularly poor across mainland UK today and tomorrow, and there is a chance some islanders may experience the hay-fever like symptoms, and respiratory problems that can be associated with it.

ITV Channel Television's weather presenter, Sophia Bird, has been following the situation and explained: "There are a few factors that are creating the poor air quality which will particularly affect UK, but we may see some of the effects here in the Channel Islands.

"A large Saharan dust storm, 2000 miles away in North-west Africa, has been swept up and blown towards the mainland. This has combined with poor air quality from the larger European Cities, and the worst of the poor air quality will be in East Anglia. 

"The dust has been lifted up into the atmosphere by strong winds and then been caught up in rain droplets in the clouds. These droplets fall as rain or showers. When the water evaporated, it leaves a thin layer of dust.

"Unfortunately we also have high pressure dominating - this acts like a lid and traps the particles the lower atmosphere where is becomes stagnant. As the winds are also light, the murk is going no-where fast."

Sophia went onto explain: "The current stream of this poor air is coming from the South East, but is not as dense over the islands, and infact the winds across the Channel Islands will turn a little more southwesterly over the next few hours and as a result the likelihood of us being affected as much as the UK, is limited."

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom. 

Defra is responsible for monitoring the air quality, and the provide air quality information based on five pollutants: ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, PM2.5 and PM10 particles that can have an impact on your health.

Jersey Environment monitor the air quality. Find out more by clicking here :

WTF are they covering us with now?

If it's only sand, then the next time it rains your car will be covered in it, it is unmistakable.

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