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Friday, 25 April 2014

"Give The Young A God Damned Break!"

"The Crying Game Continues"

Jersey's huge do-gooder community still hammering surfers and young people who enjoy getting away from town for some fresh air and exercise, perhaps they would prefer it if the young were in town getting pissed and taking the new designer drugs that kill in minutes?

These people are doing healthy activities whilst enjoying themselves, so butt out of their affairs and leave them alone!!!


  1. Who really cares what people do in their spare time? Sorry People that live in Jersey have not get anything better to do than to dtick their noses into other peoples adventures or business.

    Pathetic and sad and as for Connetable Refault he is a thick twat.

  2. why cant some folk let others live there life the way they want too ?.whats wrong if you sleep in a car ,van or motor home to enjoy nature .just twisted ignorant rich that have no idea how to enjoy life that complain . ok guys clean up after yourself and tell the ones that dont ..i camped out one night last summer with my dog and it felt great and i will do the same this year .no harm in it and i cleaned up after .