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Saturday, 12 April 2014

"Child Protection By Our Bailiff"

"Your Free To Go, But Don't Think You
Got Away With It"


  1. I was wondering who this sicko was because the JEP online never released the name.
    Well done again Ian, saves me wasting cash on that stupid newspaper.

  2. Flashing + playing with himself in front of 12-year-old girl + indecent images of children = probation.

    "It was a cry for help...he was feeling lonely and lost". Pathetic.

    If this filth ever flashes in front of my daughter I will kick him in the nuts over and over until he turns purple. Paedo scum like him should be locked up at the very least, preferably castrated. Paedo Paradise rears it's head yet again.

  3. Wow. Agree with commenter at 11:43 above. What a pathetically stupid excuse for a sex crime against young girls!