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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"Child Abuse, Robert Green, Common Purpose, Max Clifford, Banksters, Russia, and RFID Chips"

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The above video is explained in the video below.

Below, Common Purpose explained.


  1. Jersey police Common Purpose graduate Deputy Chief Officer D Warcup attacks Mr Harper over paedophile investigation
    Latest News 13/11/2008 Now Common Purpose Police arrest Jersey child abuse whistle blower politician Stuart Syvret.
    UK newspapers, including the Daily Mail November 13 2008, have carried major stories concerning the attack by Jersey Police Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup on Lenny Harper, his predecessor in the Jersey force, over possible child murders at Haut de la Garenne. According to the Daily Mail article, David Warcup launched a devastating attack on Mr Harper, saying that he had now 'ripped up' much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Events seem to suggest that the new investigation team are keen to play down events at the Jersey care home.

  2. I am very concerned the way COMMON PURPOSE is hijacking the housing industry.
    The Rowner Regeneration was hailed a £144m wonder. However, I notice all words being used Vision Groups, Steering Groups.
    Furthermore, they choose to forget the problems associated with Leasehold instead they are taking the buildings away and offering %20 shared ownership, which now means you have to pay rent.
    It's being done on a fifth colom basis .