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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"Anti Drugs Rally For Jared Say's Deborah Le Rendu....For Jared???"

Anti-drugs rally planned for Royal Square

Thousands of Islanders are being invited to an anti-drugs rally in the Royal Square this weekend by a teenager following the death of her best friend.
Deborah Le Rendu has organised the event in the hope that young people will think twice before experimenting with illegal substances.
She has called on Islanders to meet in the Royal Square at 1 pm on Saturday with signs, posters and banners to send a message that more needs to be done to tackle Jersey's drug problem.

Deborah Le Rendu has organised an anti-drugs rally for Saturday

I fear that this purported 'anti drugs rally' is nothing more than a lament for a dear friend lost. 

Jared obviously liked drugs, why else would he be with three mates who also liked drugs, and indeed, took them on that fateful night?

Besides....drugs are already illegal, and have been for decades....therefore,

What's to rally against? And to whom?

A stampede in the Royal Square on a Saturday when no politicians are likely to be present, half of the public will be pissed and waiting anxiously for the fuddy fuddy football to begin, the other half will have their heads trashed with screaming kids and the price of shopping!

As an aside, Deborah hun, the English Monarchy are by far the worlds worst ever drug dealers, just check out the "opium wars" and the exploits of the East India Trading Company and find the real filth behind that shit hole patch of land called "The Royal Square". The new world drug dealers are the CIA running through the Vatican and protected by English law....

Also lady, when you understand the toxicity of the shit the government allows to be put in your food, your water, your air, and your newborn children, you will understand the real scope of the problem of drugs.

Deborah Le Rendu hunny, take my advice and get those that turn up on Saturday to have a few beers and a good reminisce together about fond memories of your time with Jared.

Play a tune even? Here's one from me to get the party started, it's my own personal favourite as it is linked with a drugs tragedy of a very good friend of mine many years ago.

Good Luck On Saturday You Guys :)


  1. "" Deborah Le Rendu has organised the event in the hope that young people will think twice before experimenting with illegal substances. send a message that more needs to be done to tackle Jersey's drug problem."""

    We need real facts and critical thinking- not knee jerk reactions: Not all illegal substances are deadly. Alcohol is legal and behind many fatal accidents and suicides, as well as deaths by poisoning. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal and kill more each year in Britain than all the illegal drugs combined! Why not be honest and focus on this in the rally?

    Spreading honest facts and awareness is the answer. People who want to experiment always will, it's human nature. Give them facts about the real dangers on Drugs: The legal ones- and illegal ones, allow them to make safer choices. Jared died because he was playing in the dark with something which could have been rat poison, that's because drug prohibition thinks that keeping people in the dark will help, well it doesn't, it just kills. Jared died as a result of the effects that drug prohibition: Being given no other option but to buy his illegal drugs from some very dodgy street dealer, not knowing anything about the quality or strength.

    Why doesn't the Government supply the true facts,Legalise drugs, control the quality, TAX them, and destigmatise them? That is the answer!

    Put it this way, we have a disgraceful culture of raucous binge drinking complete with vomiting and bad behaviour at weekends- all alcohol related that is legal and accepted. Why is this behaviour legal, whilst safely relaxing at home peacefully smoking a joint illegal?
    -Because it's all about money and taxes from Alcohol and cigarettes duty. That is the why. Kids are dying because the money obsessed 'fat cats' want to shut up competition and deprive kids like Jared of the facts they need to know, and kids are dying because of this.

    Many years ago America had Alcohol prohibition, which led to huge numbers of deaths and the creation of a mafia, so they were forced legalised it again to be able to sell to the public a safer quality controlled alcohol and also remove the need of a mafia element. Recently they suppled information on safer drinking with a units system.

    Well then, why don't they learn from this and do the same for drugs? It would also remove the need for the criminal element. At the moment drugs prohibition is a killer and ruinous because it means honest facts and quality checks are 'out of the window', and criminals being left to control a market, which is often connected to some really nasty vices like people smuggling and illegal prostitution, etc.

    1. For the most part, that was a rather well constructed argument anon, it is not an easy task these days to construct a heartfelt effort that both king and pauper can rejoice in whilst striking out at the same instance. Perhaps both King and Pauper might find accord in the not to distant future? And before the tolerance of the worker is depleted forever....

  2. I think it's wrong for young people to be experimenting with drugs, this is a stage of their lives when they should be focussed on schoolwork, meeting the opposite sex, and generally not taking themselves too seriously.

    We have an issue of young people, feeling the pressure of the rush', of trying to grow up too soon,because they feel like they will not have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as soon as they become 'responsable adults'.

    This is the 'crux' of the matter, and an important factor that needs attention, IMO.

  3. A drugs rally by a 17 year old girl who likes getting drunk, I bet the irony is lost on her!

    1. Deborah Le Rendu is a seventeen year old drunk?.... Please send me proof of your claim anon, or stop posting shit on my blog....

    2. Of course, we know that comment was from you Jon, and we are at ease with it, not a problem dude! :)

    3. HOWEVER, the problem lies in the rest of your shit over the last four or five years that we refuse to tolerate pisswipe!!!

      Have you now moved to number 4 Le Breton Lane? Owned by former island D.J and good friend of mine, Neville Ord?

      If so, I am willing to wager that you won't be there much longer you vile filth....;)