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Sunday, 6 April 2014

"Another Sad Waste Of Life Over Drugs"

Drugs warning after teen death

Chief Inspector Alison Fossey

Police investigating the death of a 17-year-old boy in Jersey have issued a drugs warning.

Both police and health agencies are warning drug users to be careful following the potential link to the death of Jared Harrison whose body was found in a St Helier house this morning.

Police say earlier indications suggest he could have been taking a white powder purporting to be MDMA, a class A drug.

It is believed this was brought into the island in recent days.

His death is currently under investigation; however police would like to warn anyone who has purchased this powder not to take it.

Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of importation of a controlled substance.

Detective Chief Inspector Alison Fossey said: “Whilst this is an active investigation and we are limited in what we can say while that continues, we need to warn people of the dangers of taking any drug, in particular this one.

“If you have purchased this drug please do not take it, and please call us with any information relating to its origin either through the CID number of 612200 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Officers were called to a house in St Helier at 6am today (Saturday) by ambulance crews requiring assistance. 

Three young men were taken to hospital from the scene and two have since been discharged.

Youth workers from Jersey Youth Service have been out and about in town at the Skate Park, Town Park, King Street and St Brelade to talk to and support any young people affected by Jared's death.


  1. "Another Sad Waste Of Life Over Drugs"

    Ian, we don't yet know the exact cause of this young man's death but in any case i'd much prefer you to say something like " Another sad waste of life due to the fatal results of drug prohibition".

    Why do i say this? Because after over 40 years of this epic so called 'war on drugs', this young 17 year old MINOR in this rather non descript tiny 'rock' called Jersey still easily manages to get access to a banned drug -thereby clearly proving that it isn't working.

    Not only that but because it's banned he had no guarantee of having recieved a pure drug. Who knows, it could have been rat poison for all intents and purposes!

    It's no wonder that respected people like Sir Richard Branson are calling for an end to this 'War on drugs' which actually encourages such sad deaths. For the simple purpose of Harm Redution, he wants drugs to be legalised, CONTROLLED, and taxed. This would save lives and also make redundant and help remove the criminal element from the equation.

    Truly, it's a great pity this curious young MINOR died like this if it was actually from banned drugs, but it does make clear the reasons why these things desperately need changing, especially if the Government don't want blood on their hands. And they know full well that their policies are helping us lose lives needlessly.


  2. there is a rumour that the kid hung himself - but again the state blaming drugs as the reason

  3. Whatever the actual facts are, it is a very sad episode full stop.

  4. Of course it is, but we need facts not speculation. Usually a person takes a drug like MDMA because they want to have fun, but that person may be depressed in the first place or even suicidal. It's all too easy to blame 'drugs' for deaths, & let's remember than booze and fags are also 'drugs'. Lots of hippocrasy going on in society about this good/that bad nonsense.

  5. I have heard that two of his friends hanged themselves. There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds at this time - my heart goes out to the parents who must be devastated. RIP.