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Saturday, 12 April 2014

"ACHOO!!! - That'll Be £2 Million Quid Please!" Part 2

"When Will The Lies End?"


  1. Holy poop on a stick !

    ......... You'll like this:

    "The poop transplant"

  2. Ok, let's just say that Jersey did the best it could at the time, even though the Cochrane report now states that Tamiflu does NOT stop the spread of the virus, and is basically no more effective than paracetamol. So who is right? Susan or the report?
    I am also aware that big pharma is big business and that those in the medical profession can be very much wrapped up into protecting that too. The big pharma industry also wants to remove people having ease of access to natural plant medicine, so that people are left with no other option but to pay for big pharma's trademarked, overpriced so called 'cures' which are only really 'treatments'.

  3. Sorry - this should be the right videoApril 13, 2014 10:59 am

    Holy poop on a stick !

    ......... You'll like this:

    Poop Transplants: