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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Well, Bugger My Ring-piece, The Mezecian One Wants Rump Ranger's Afforded God's Law!"

"Doughnut Punching Is Hip In Jersey!"

Even Chinocchio is against legitimizing marmite mining!

Good one Mezec!!!

Such pretty locks and effeminate principles!
And this party politics imbecile is going to lead Jersey into the light?

I would rather take my chances with the Dean of Jersey and his flock of sheeple thank you.

No offence H.G!!!

"Jersey Attempt To Alienate The impoverished"

"Job Shy? Maybe They Just Don't Want To Work For Less Than They Get From
Social Security, And Why Should They?"

It is looking like it is time to take "The States Of Jersey Inc" to court in a class action for "Breach Of Trust".

The States of Jersey Inc are responsible for the mess the island is in today, they are responsible for all the assets the people own, and they have squandered those assets, even pissed them up the wall for their own benefit....Leaving sweet fuck all for the true owners of those assets!

They let the powerful and rich pay nothing in tax whilst casting the burden of these parasites and corporate entities onto the poor.

It's time to demand what is ours is given back peeps.


"Jersey Starts It's Campaign Against The Middle Class, A Little Later Than Other Jurisdictions Mind"

"NWO Are At It In Jersey Now"

Everyone has a right to free education in the civilized world, even in the uncivilized world also as we are all equal, but as the saying goes, "some pigs are more equal than others".

This is typical NWO folks, they have bled the poor dry in most countries and are now turning on the middle class as I predicted a few years back. The poor, apart from a select few, were to weak to rise up, will the middle class kick up a stink or will they passively accept the financial brutality that is coming their way?

Presumably, most of you are somewhat aware of how the student loan shyte works in alleged democracies around the world? It is nothing more than an opportunity to enslave the middle class kids with debt, a debt that will hang around their necks until middle age.

Get out while you still can, home school your kids in the fine arts such as growing your own food, water irrigation, farming, even survival skills, because by fu*k, when the globalist scum have finished with the sheeple, the above skills are the only ones you are going to need to know about!!!

Do any of you parents seriously think there are going to be any jobs when your kids are done with the fraudulent 'education' system?

Life skills and peaceful none compliance are the only tools you are going to need when the world's governments have finished with your asses and they collapse the fiat currency paper money....

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"Child Abuse, Robert Green, Common Purpose, Max Clifford, Banksters, Russia, and RFID Chips"

"The UK Column"

The best place for British people to get the real news.

The above video is explained in the video below.

Below, Common Purpose explained.

"Jersey Murder - Victim Identified By Fingerprints!"

"What Is Being Implied Here?"

Victim Colin Chevalier

Alleged killer Darren McCormack

"More Corruption Within The System"

Former Constable accused of financial misconduct

The former Constable of St John, Graeme Butcher, has appeared in Jersey's Royal Court this morning (Tuesday) accused of misconduct and abuse of trust whilst he was head of the parish.

He is accused of spending more than £2,500 of parish money on himself, including using the parish credit card to pay for petrol, electrical items and materials to decorate his home. 

He is also charged with making expenses claims when he was not allowed to do so and asking the parish secretary to bury his personal spending within the St John accounts.

All the alleged offences took place between 2007 and 2011.

He's pleaded not guilty and a trial will go ahead on June 2nd.

"Do You Have A Baby Monitor? You Might Like To Watch This!"

"Perverts Spying On Your Kids"

Baby Monitors Being Hacked, Psychos Wireless Harassing Infants In Their Own Rooms
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Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Monday, 28 April 2014

"Wet Wet Wet"

"Rock The Kasbar"

Deputy Sam Mezec get's a free beer!

"Le Marinel Produckt's Rotten Eggs"

"Was It A Lawyers Bash?"

"Referen-Dum Binding? States Voting Against The Bayleaf? Whatever Next?"

Referendum on the role of Bailiff 'should be binding'

Politicians could be forced to accept the result of a public vote on the removal of the Bailiff from the States if one Deputy gets his way.
Deputy Roy Le Hérissier wants any referendum result to be binding and has tabled an amendment to a proposal to be debated by the States next week.
The main proposition has been lodged by St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft and calls for the Bailiff to be removed as president of the States.
However, former Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache, who is now a Senator, has already tabled a separate amendment. He wants a referendum to be held to allow the public to have their say on the matter.
If the States decide that there should be a referendum, then a vote will be held at the same time as the election in October.
And Deputy Le Hérissier wants to ensure that the result of any public vote cannot be ignored.

"Another Depraved Paedophile"

Max Clifford found guilty of indecently assaulting teenage girls

The publicist Max Clifford has been found guilty of eight charges of indecent assault against women and girls as young as 15 by a jury at Southwark crown court in London.
Clifford, 71, was convicted following a six-week trial that exposed the "terrible, festering secret" that he was a paedophile who bullied and manipulated teenage girls into performing sex acts.
After deliberating for 32 hours, jurors found Clifford guilty of eight counts of indecent assault between 1977 and 1985.
He was found not guilty of two other charges of indecent assault. The jury could not decide on one further count.
Clifford was granted conditional bail but told by the judge that that should not be taken as an indication of the sentence that would be passed on Friday.
Clifford showed no emotion as the guilty verdicts were returned. His daughter, Louise, also remained expressionless in the public gallery next to Clifford's office manager, who sat with her head in her hands.
The publicist left the courtroom without speaking to the press, hurrying into a private room with his legal team as his supporters – including several employees – waited outside, some in tears.
Once outside, Clifford refused to make a statement. "I've been told by my lawyers to say nothing at all."
One of his supporters nodded his head when asked whether Clifford was the victim of a witch hunt. Louise Clifford grew emotional and refused to speak when a journalist asked whether she would say anything about her father, before they were bundled past a battery of camera lenses into a waiting car.
The guilty verdicts make Clifford the first suspect to be prosecuted successfully under Scotland Yard's sprawling Operation Yewtree investigation, which was sparked by the Jimmy Savile scandal in late 2012 and has led to a spate of arrests but – until Monday – not one conviction.
Jenny Hopkins, deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS London, said: "Today's verdicts provide a long-denied justice to the victims of serious sexual offences. I would like to thank these victims for having had the courage to come forward and give evidence. The victims of sexual abuse, whenever it may have taken place, should know that police and prosecutors will listen.
"It is only right that we now take some time to consider our position on the hung count and we will update the court accordingly."
Throughout the trial, the prosecution tried to convince the jury that Clifford was a "master in the art of intimidation and manipulation" who preyed on starstruck girls by promising to introduce them to the world of showbusiness in return for sexual favours.
The millionaire publicist, who has represented a string of stars in his five-decade career, used his New Bond Street office as his own "sexual fiefdom" and impersonated Hollywood icons to lure girls into his grasp, the court was told.
Clifford convinced one 18-year-old aspiring actor she could meet singer David Bowie if she performed a sex act, jurors heard. Another was said to have been promised a role in a James Bond film and he allegedly told a third he would secure her a role in Dynasty to repay her favours.
Summing up six weeks of evidence, Rosina Cottage QC, prosecuting, described Clifford as a risk-taker with an "arrogant confidence", urging jurors to reject the defence's claim that he was a "loving father" who had no interest in young girls.
"He has managed to portray himself in different ways to different people, but don't be fooled," Cottage said. "In every case his actions were sudden, unexpected and, frankly, in some cases so bizarre you may think these young women and girls have no idea how to react."
Clifford listened from the court dock with the aid of a hearing loop as witnesses described how he referred repeatedly to his "tiny" penis and, at other times, put on fake accents in telephone calls to his victims.
In another alleged assault, which was not a charge on the indictment because it took place abroad, Clifford is said to have forced a 12-year-old girl to masturbate him in a jacuzzi while on holiday in Spain after befriending her parents. "It shows he will take outrageous risks and place the hand of a child on his penis, knowing he had power and control over this girl," Cottage said.

"Jersey Failing On Mental Health Again & Some Natural Tips To Cure Yourself"

Fresh issues surrounding mental health

Jersey's adult mental health service is failing islanders in desperate need of help. 

A huge surge in cases of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts has lead to 45 new referrals to the health service each week. That means people are waiting up to 9 months for psychological therapy. 

Now a Jerseyman Mark Leonard, who has faced months of despair while on the waiting list, is campaigning for quicker access to treatment. 

Mark Leonard told ITV Channel Television, "With mental health issues, especially depression, suicidal tendencies, it's an illness you can't see, you can't just walk into A&E, if you've got a broken leg they can put you in a plaster cast, mental illnesses you cannot see it."

Mark has tried to commit suicide three times while waiting for a psychological assessment. 

Jersey States agreed the need to provide a better mental health service two years ago. It plans to invest just under £2 million in the service by 2016 and is in the process of recruiting 13 staff to provide talking therapies. There will also be a comprehensive review of all mental health services by the end of this year. 

But Mark says that more needs to be done to help patients in the short term. He says that he has been left to suffer in silence, so now in desperation he is speaking out to the media. 

He said, "Something has to change, something drastically has to change. I can't understand why it has taken so long, this is something that should've been addressed straight away, obviously there's been a few tragedies through depression, through other reasons as well, somebody should've picked up on this a lot lot sooner, it seems like it's been swept under the carpet you could say. Personally I think it's too little too late, this should've been done months ago."

"A Few Tips To Help"

1. Stay well clear of drugs and alcohol when suffering bouts of depression.

2. Spend more time with those who's company you enjoy rather than being alone.

3. Get as much natural vitamin C into your body as you can (within reason), vitamin C is very good for the body and the mind, and a great healer.

4. Meditation is also a wonderful natural way to lift the mood.

5. Listen to music that heals, YouTube is full of it. See below

6. Eat healthily, fruit and veg are a must as opposed to meat, packaged and processed garbage which is full of chemicals that trash brain function.

7. Get plenty of sunshine, vitamin D3 is an excellent antidepressant. You can buy good vitamin D3 supplements from 5,000iu per day for children and 10,000iu per day for adults. You will never get a cold either.

8. Stay well away from cordless appliances, mobile phones, or any WiFi EMR emitting devices.

9. If you can do this safely, steer clear of using any pharmaceutical antidepressants as the first thing doctors reach for is the prescription pad.

10. Exercise is the daddy for fighting anxiety and depression, it is a huge benefit in lifting mild to mid depression. Get out on the beach or into the countryside and walk with your shoes off, walking barefoot enables you to pick up on the earth's natural signal, the Schumann cavity resonance which is 7.83 Hz.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

"Poor To Be Fed On Muck Meat And GMO Poison Whilst States Stall On Providing A Cheap Island Supermarket"

No new supermarket 'until land rezoned'
A lack of a suitable site is a major barrier to any new discount supermarket setting up in St Helier, a Scrutiny panel has been told.
Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean said that he would support a review of planning priorities to allow a sizeable site to be rezoned in town to accommodate the likes of an Aldi, Lidl or Tesco store.
Giving evidence to the Economic Affairs scrutiny panel, the minister said that a lack of sites and space was a barrier to entry for a new supermarket.
‘There is no area and space identified in town for a substantial sized unit. We would need additional land rezoned for it,’ he said.

"Systemic Complaints Against The States Are Completely Ignored"

"Cover Up Jersey - The Island That
Justice Forgot"

"Pet Cabs"

Robert Bisson explains the farce so far.

The Saga Continues….

"What appears to be typical of dealing with any States Department seems to be the amount of circles that are made and the hoops that people have to jump through.

Since the TTS department issued me with the licence this has meant me being arrested twice, financial hardship, and the loss of an income.

While the TTS department accepts no responsibility for the actions caused, it would have been easier if no licence had ever been issued of which this was mentioned to the DVS at the time of the discussion when it was learned what they wanted to do with the licence on 5 December 2012. The licence was issued on 18 February 2013

During the past year and three months the politicians that have been made aware of the problem, and who have failed me are as follows.

Senator Francis Le Gresley
Senator Alan Maclean
Senator Philip Ozouf
Senator Bailhache
Senator Gorst
Seantor Farnham
Seantor Le Marquand
Constable Crowcroft
Constable Norman
Constable Refault
Constable Rondel
Constable Pallett
Constable Le Troquer
Deputy Le Herrisiser
Deputy Hilton
Deputy Le Fondre
Deputy Lewis
Deputy Noel
Deputy Higgins
Deputy Green
Deputy Macon
Deputy Baudains
Deputy Baker
Deputy Luce
Deputy Bryans
Deputy Moore
Deputy Rondel

Any of these politicians could have lodged a proposition. Deputy Lewis delegated his powers to the Head of DVS and signed the original decision and refused to correct the mistake and he was alerted to the problem after just six days after the licence being issued, and maintained that the licence should have been surrendered rather than dealing with the problem.

An appeal was made to the Royal Court on 23 December 2013 and the case won by a consent order being issued, but again the Department and the Police didn't seem to understand the issue.

The TTS department are now trying to remove the issue of the PSV badge entitling me to drive a taxi. They have already removed the taxi plate from the vehicle.

I am currently waiting for a meeting with DVS to find out what they propose to do."

Damning verdict of complaint process

Leah Ferguson reports

ITV News has obtained details of a complaint made against Jersey's Social Security minister alleging he had called a benefits claimant "a liar and a cheat".

An internal States investigation has decided the minister didn't do anything wrong, but an independent report has criticised the way the government deals with complaints from islanders.

The Transport Minister, the Planning Minister and the Social Security Minister were all singled out for their "inflexible stance" and their "reluctance to accept that mistakes do happen."

Paul Bellas lost his job last year. He received a pay off from his employer, then found temporary work, but needed to claim income support while he looked for a permanent job.

He says Social Security mishandled his claim.

Mr Bellas said: “He called me a cheat, a benefit liar, he called my family cheats and benefit liars in a very agitated tone, also while pointing the finger in temper. I was very taken aback by his behaviour, I was surprised.”

He added: “Social Security need to show some respect to people like me, when we've got hard time ahead of us, we need to be listened to. Also Social Security just doesn’t care, they're not interested in the every day person, all you are is a number.”

We asked the Minister for a response. He refused to comment.

The Chief Minister's Department said in a statement, “It is encouraging that in the findings, the Complaints Board has noted the professionalism and ‘sterling work’ of public sector staff, however, we note the criticism made by the board of Ministers and Departments. The public sector deal with many thousands of applications of each year, and where learning is necessary that does take place. That is precisely what we will do in respect of the recommendations of the complaints board, with a view to improving the process of responding where appropriate.”

“The Chief Minister’s Department investigated a complaint made against the Social Security Minister Senator Francis Le Gresley in accordance with the Ministerial code of conduct. The complaint was not upheld.”

"Most Babies Now Receiving Brain Damage?" Part 2

"HPV & MMR Vaccines (latest)"

"Gardasil HPV Vaccine"

Japan’s Suspension of Recommendation for Gardasil & Cervarix HPV Vaccines for Women – Caused by Large Numbers of Unexplained Serious Adverse Reactions

For those CHS readers who may not know of the suspension of these vaccines in Japan last year, The Asahi Shimbun AJW reported last June 18, 2013 on the suspension of the Japanese Health Ministry’s recommendation for the HPV vaccine in an in-depth ANALYSIS: Experts at loss over pain from cervical cancer vaccination.  The Asahi Shimbun AJW is the English-language digital version of The Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s leading daily newspaper.
There have been cases of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), in which severe pain often spreads from a limb to other body parts. In serious cases, it becomes difficult to walk or move the arms.
More than half the estimated 3.28 million vaccinated women reported symptoms ranging from a swollen or reddened inoculation site to pain and fatigue with 2,000 complaints of side effects, such as prolonged pain and numbness which includes 357 serious cases, such as difficulties in breathing or walking and convulsions.
The Health Ministry is allowing Japanese women and girls to be vaccinated at their and their families own risk.  A decision regarding reinstatement of the recommendation was anticipated within 6 months of the suspension although Ministry officials were quoted at the time as saying there was then no means to fully examine or explain the causes of the side effects.

"MMR Vaccine"

More Vaccine Failures: Measles/MMR Vaccines Cause Measles. Child Who Caught Measles From Vaccine Was Shedding Live Vaccine Measles Virus In Throat and Urine

Regular CHS readers will know to expect health officials will deny vehemently the live measles virus in the MMR and measles vaccines can be passed from a vaccinated individual to infect others with measles [horizontal transmission].  Regular CHS readers will also know to expect that one to many health officials lie about vaccine safety and efficacy issues and grossly exaggerate disease risks.
This is a different aspect of vaccine failure.  This is a different kind from the reports of outbreaks of wild-type mumps, measles and whooping cough infections in vaccinated individuals and reports of vaccinated individuals infecting other vaccinated individuals with wild-type infections.
So we here is some information for you to consider who and what to believe.  Most people do not know 5% of those receiving the MMR vaccine catch measles from the live virus in the vaccine:
About 5% of immunocompetent children receiving their first dose of MMR vaccine have mild measles with fever and rash. The vaccine strain can cause severe measles in immunocompromised people.”
Here is a case in which vaccine measles developed well outside the normal period for incubation of measles:
Virus genotype was determined by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada as vaccine strain, genotype A, MVs/British Columbia/39.13 [A] (VAC)”
What most people also do not know is that the live measles vaccine virus is shed by those infected with vaccine measles.  And many people know the old adage “coughs and sneezes spread diseases”. Here is an example of a vaccine infected child with symptoms of measles shedding the virus in the throat and urine:
We describe excretion of measles vaccine strain Schwarz in a child who developed a febrile rash illness eight days after primary immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella. Throat swabs and urine specimens were collected on the fifth and sixth day of illness, respectively. Genotyping demonstrated measles vaccine strain Schwarz (genotype A). If measles and rubella were not under enhanced surveillance in Croatia, the case would have been either misreported as rubella or not recognised at all.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

"Isn't It Odd How Many In High Positions Are Leaving Their Jobs As The Child Abuse Committee Of Inquiry Gets Underway?"

"JEP Cover-up Merchant Leaves His Position"

Gutter Press!

Editor's farewell to the JEP after 44 years

Friends and colleagues said farewell to outgoing JEP editor Chris Bright yesterday when his 44-year career with the paper came to an end.

Dozens of employees old and new gathered for a retirement presentation at the paper's Five Oaks headquarters to pay respect to Mr Bright, who joined the paper on 19 October 1970 as a cub reporter.
His services to journalism and the Jersey community, which he has always held dear, were highlighted by several speakers who addressed a crowd including current staff and many from throughout Mr Bright's career.
Chairman of Guiton Publishing John Averty passed on the thanks of the JEP's board of directors and said: 'Chris has been an incredible editor.
'Throughout all his time he has been an absolute gentleman and stalwart.'
Incoming editor Andy Sibcy, who now leads the paper, listed comments in praise of Mr Bright, passing on messages from previous and current colleagues.
Adding his own thanks, Mr Sibcy said: 'Chris has been editor for more than 20 years - a rare feat in the newspaper industry, but it is not hard to see why he has enjoyed such longevity.
'Despite his huge intellect and knowledge of just about everything, Chris is genuinely modest and self-effacing, a very fair man of honour, principle and integrity who always strives to do the right thing.'
Mr Bright then had said his own farewell to the business, his friends and co-workers, saying that he would miss working with an extraordinary group of people.
'To be an editor is a huge privilege, especially in your own home town, but actually journalism in general is a pretty privileged job,' Mr Bright said.
'It allows you to meet people, witness events, see things and ask questions.
'It also allows you to feel a sense of purpose in helping to keep your fellow citizens as well informed as you can about what is going on in their community, thus playing a small daily part in the processes of democracy, justice and fair play.
'This is no small thing, so one of my parting thoughts is: don't let anyone tell you that what we do is trivial or unimportant.'
In a 15-minute speech he thanked the paper, its staff and his former colleagues - some of who had travelled great distances to be present.
And with characteristic wit he finally said: 'I won't keep you any longer because I know you have a paper to get out, and long may that continue to be the case.'

"The Poor Are Just Where The Corporations Want Them"

Families trapped in hand-out Jersey

So how do we fix this? Well first we need to get peoples rent down from the ridiculous amount that Jersey's greedy disgusting money grabbing parasitic scum have valued their shitty sub-standard grubby little hovels at.

So, we now have to find a number of politicians who are willing to ask questions and propose new laws to limit the greedy pigs charging what they want!!!

Hahaha, that's the end of that plan then....

"Most Babies Now Receiving Brain Damage?" Part 1

"Demented Diggle & Her Syringe Of Doom"

Friday, 25 April 2014

"Paedophile Rings Rule The World"

"Hollywood Beginning To Crumble"

Alex breaks down the hidden horror of rampant global pedophilia. There are numerous victims bringing their cases to be heard in Hollywood as the avalanche of evil begins to implode on itself.

A man who allegedly endured sexual abuse by numerous Hollywood executives when he was a teenager has reissued his case against them. Shedding light on the abuse has created a firestorm of controversy in Hollywood. Jon Bowne explains the current state of affairs and delves into the 32 Billion Dollar global sex trade industry that claims 1 million children per year.

"Jersey Political Reformers Condemn Chief Minister's Power Grab"

"When Will They Learn?"

Did no one think that there might be a price for losing the BayLeaf as speaker?

The price is Gorst having all the power he wants until Bailhache takes over the reigns!

Criticism over Chief Minister changes

Deputy Sam Mezec

Political campaign group, Reform Jersey, have outlined their issues with the proposed changes to the role of Chief Minister at a public meeting.

The proposals will be debated in the States of Jersey at the end of April.

The Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, will be asking the States to increase the powers of the Chief Minister.

Reform Jersey is against the proposed changes as they believe it will give one person too much power.

Deputy Sam Mézec said: “What the States is being asked to discuss is probably the biggest change to the nature of how we are governed since the introduction of ministerial government in 2005. It is completely unacceptable for such changes to go through without some sort of public discussion” said Reform Jersey chairman

“In many other jurisdictions, the Chief Minister or Prime Minister does have the power to hire and fire his ministers and bind them to collective responsibility, but in Jersey we don’t have a say over who our Chief Minister is because we don’t have a party system. Without that extra layer of democratic accountability it is completely unacceptable to take power away from the States and give it to one person.”

Deputy Mézec has lodged a proposition to the States saying that, in the absence of party politics, the Chief Minister should be directly elected by the public.