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Monday, 24 March 2014

"Yet Another Wonder Drug To Inject Into Our Kids!"

Meningitis B vaccine could be introduced

A vaccine to protect children against a deadly form of meningitis could be made available in Jersey.
Dr Linda Diggle
However, the vaccine would only be introduced in Jersey once it has been made available by the NHS.
The UK's Health department recently began negotiations with the manufacturer of the Bexsero vaccine to introduce the injections as part of the UK's child immunisation programme.
Dr Linda Diggle, head of healthcare at the Health department, said: 'There are still a few more steps for the UK before they roll it out, but it is a very positive step forward.'
Are there any pitfalls?
Well, you know my stance on vaccines so I did a little research on the Bexsero vaccine. 
As it pans out this vaccine is made by a company called Novartis Vaccines which name I have heard before. Novartis merged with another company called Zeneca to form Syngenta.
Syngenta are at the top of the world tree in their particular line of work, their line of work is pesticides, herbicides, genetically engineered seeds, biotechnology and genomic research. Their main rivals are none other than Monsanto, BASF, Dupont and Bayer!!!
Given that Syngenta are poisoning the earth with pesticides and damaging human and animal health with their genetically engineered seeds, would you want your children injected with one of their vaccines???????

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