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Thursday, 13 March 2014

"Won't Be Long Before Sir Bailhache Has His Own Monument"

Tax information to be shared with Belguim

Jersey has greed to openly share tax information with Belgium.

External Relations Senator, Sir Philip Bailhache signed an information exchange agreement at the Residence of the Ambassador for the Kingdom in London today. 

The TIEA was also signed by the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Mr Didier Reynders. 

Senator Bailhache said: “We attach great importance to the signing of this TIEA with Belgium. While Jersey is not a part of the European Union, we are part of Europe and we have long pursued a good neighbour policy towards the Member States of the EU. It is also further evidence of Jersey’s full commitment to compliance with the current international standards on transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.”


  1. On one of the papers Sir Philip wrote he was concerned that the Bailiff if removed, would not be able to meet foreign dignitaries. As the civic head this was his right.

    Oh he is so happy now, look how important I am. I was going to write the word tosser then I thought better of it.

    Julius Caesar

  2. does he realise how creepy he looks?