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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"With All Due Respect To Stuart Syvret, This Is More Important, It's The Bigger Picture That Syvret Was Trying To Expose!"

"The UK Column - Paedophillia - Mike Bowron - Operation Bohan - Ian Puddick - Hollie Grieg & The Long Suffering Robert Green!!!"

Paedophile Britain, a cesspit of the most worthless shit, yet the State is your GOD....?

I implore any real man or woman to watch the full video from the UK Column which I have posted below, I have met Brian Gerrish, he is one of the most genuine men I have ever encountered, our conversation lasted about fifteen seconds, he said to me all that he needed to say in that short time.

Published on 5 Mar 2014
Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today's news update, focusing on the sectioning of people who make allegations of paedophilia.

Peace be with you Syvret & Gerrish


  1. The police will do whatever they are told to do, they are the most disgusting mindless scum on the planet that seek to enslave us via government will, they are the cause of all peoples pain and misery. Stupid enough to believe those who command them, yet immoral enough to not know the difference. Turn on your local Bizzie, give them the choice to either serve you, or be fired by you. Shame them with kindness, humiliate them with their own actions, show them the light of humanity!!!

    Who knows, the stupid cunts might actually wake up?

  2. They aren't paid to wake up.