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Friday, 7 March 2014

"The Truth About Fracking"

"Globalist Slow-kill Speeds Up"

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  1. The problem with frakking, and other stuff like mining, is that people have forgotten that the land has become what it is 'because of those deposits'. So when people remove these deposits, then the land will get messed up, and that is an inescapable fact. What people fail to understand is that the land is like a living thing, and needs to be respected because we come from it, we live on it, and we depend on it. In the simplest of ways to understand some of the problems that can occur, we read about people's houses caving in 'cos they were built on disused mines, in old mining areas that havent been properly covered up, and if frakking goes ahead, we'll see people paying dearly for the damage caused for what is simply because the greedy oil companies wanted to make more money at the cost of destroying the very earth that is our true home.