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Monday, 24 March 2014

"The States Taking Every Last Thing From The People"

Rock in the Park under threat
Jersey's biggest free annual music festival could be cancelled because of lack of funding.
Rock in the Park may not go ahead this year
Rock in the Park has been held in Howard Davis Park for 11 years but the event has now lost its sponsorship and may not be going ahead this year.
The concert, which raises money for charity, usually takes place on a Sunday in August and features local bands.
One of the event organisers, Frank O'Neil, said that Jersey Post had sponsored the event for the last five years but had now withdrawn the funding.
The event is booked to take place on 17 August this year and Mr O'Neil said it will still go ahead if he can get sponsorship.
Anyone wishing to sponsor the event should contact Mr O'Neil on 723709.
First the air display is under threat, now the Rock in the Park gig looks like it's over, yet Jersey's pompous oligarchy can spend tens of thousands on a party for a frigging Royal Mace?
Michael Jackson was so right....

1 comment:

  1. Ian

    Don't forget the ridiculously egotistical oil painting requested by the bailiff featuring himself. Maybe he should offer to fund the free rock concert out of his £309,000 per year wage packet.