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Sunday, 9 March 2014

"The Lies About Our Eyes"

"20/20 Vision... Without Glasses"

Over three out of four people believe that their sight is the most important sense they have.  This is probably related to the fact that about 80% of what we perceive through our senses comes in through our sight.
Good eyesight plays a crucial role in your mobility and your enjoyment of life so it would certainly make sense to optimize your eyesight as much as possible without the use of artificial and unnatural aids that will only worsen your vision with continued use.

Please see the link below for the full facts.

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  1. My eyesight started to deteriorate in my late teens/early twenties. I was becoming shortsighted; Could only focus on nearby objects.My optician told me that i'd be wearing glasses for the rest of my life, which i was saddened to hear.
    Roll on a few years and i hear about the bates method, got the book, tried some exercises, but no real change noted. I guess my eyes were still too dependant on the glasses. When i lefy the Island and travelled to India, i found and almost joined a Bates school for improving vision, but didn't want to sacrifice my time with that and the discipline required so continued with my travels.
    Several month later, i'm in Costa Rica bathing in the sea, and a wave takes off my glasses. I can't find them, and spend several days without them with blurry vision, but at least there's plenty of calming nature to relax my eyes upon. I eventually get some new glasses made up locally a week or so later, but they were poorly made, and i kept on getting headaches.
    By the time i reached New york, i was in need of getting some new glasses made. Their eyetest reveals that my eyesight has almost completely returned to 20/20 vision. I'm prescribed very weak lenses.

    I return to the Island to the same respected local optician business where they confirm that my vision is 20/20, and that i don't need glasses anymore. I asked them why they said i'd need glasses for the rest of my life, and they said that sometimes the eyes can repair themselves.

    Personally, i believe that my eyes repaired themselves because they had to. There were no other options untill i eventually got some replacement glasses, and i was forced to make an extra effort to relax my eyes as to not get headaches. I was travelling, spent time in the nature, so had the time to do this. I can imagine that if i was home working, with associated daily life stresses that it would be hard to find any real 'time out' for enough healing to take place.

    Perhaps eye problems have more to do with the modern lifestyles that we live, lots of close work, little desire to enjoy looking at our surroundings which are mostly concrete, and little need for active eyes, since the modern day life is very safe and sanitised which means we don't really need to depend on sharp eyesight as we would have in the past?/ perhaps leading to weakening of the eye muscles?

    It's been 20 years since that time, and i still have great eyesight- no need for glasses, although i DO notice that my eyesight does seem to get poor if i spend too long in places that are unnaturally lit.