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Monday, 10 March 2014

"The Curtis Warren Case....Jersey's Most Corrupt & Despised Pig Exclaims....We Have Done Nothing Wrong!!!"

"Pigs Discharging Pigs!"

Gameshow Mike's last stand, exit the Pig!
But we're still stuck with one of them.
Click on the pics below to laugh your tits off!!!

"Enter The Fruitcake!"

Typical Jersey police filth....We did nothing wrong!

Of course they didn't! By their standards everything was in order....

No Drugs! No Money! Value of drugs (even though there were none) placed at £300,000 shortly rose to £1,000,000 plus out of pure fresh air! Broke International law on a number of counts yet....


When are Jersey's fuckwits going to wake up and see that everything our bent cops do is nothing more than a Cop-Out, a pack of lies!



  1. Result. They got an arrest of a man once among Interpol's most wanted.

    Although the team were heavily criticised by Britain's most senior Judges.

    Chief Constable of Durham Michael Barton presided over secret tribunal over
    charges against 3 officers arising from 'alleged illegal bugging'? he said the officers should be praised for protecting Jersey from one of the UK's most notorious criminals

    The officers did not have permission to bug the car were informed by the French. Pretty unambiguous.

    Mr Minty did his sworn duty in protecting the Island and preserving the finance industry? Any ideas what the sworn duty is?

    Police review of what was done in France was sent the following day to the crown and may have given the impression that they had the consent from the French authorities to bug the car when they did not. Explained as poor draftmanship

    ILM 'I explained in some interviews which I did in the last two weeks or so that although policy is that officers should operate within the law in whatever jujrisdictions they are acting, there may be circumstances, and it will be exceptional circumstances, which would warrant operating outside of the law, particularly if there were major public safety issues to do with terrorism or things of that nature.'

    Were Warren and associates terrorists?

    1. Just added a whole load more cuttings to the post you already commented on anon. Has your view changed now?

      I doubt it :)

  2. In relation to Le Marquand's involvement in this, and MANY other contentious areas, he uses the phrase " I am not aware of etc etc" to avoid actually answering the question. He has used this in the States sittings so many times as to be Parrot fashion.

    ALSO have a look at the Ministerial Code of Conduct and refer Le M's general conduct against these values and maybe a few other baboons holding the identical titles!

  3. Wasn't the legal advisor saying 'go ahead but don't quote me on that'?

    The Beano is not the Rag