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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"Syvret Back In Court For Another Beating With The Same Juridical Stick!!!"

Syvret court case 'pending'

The Three Amigo's
Men who don't piss their pants at the very first threat from our bent cops and stinking self protecting corrupt judiciary....In an island of 100,000 plus souls, where are the rest of you MEN?

Now, back to the State Media below.

Former Health Minister Stuart Syvret appeared in the Royal Court today (Wednesday) to fight an attempt by the Treasurer of the States to recover £67,000 spent on legal fees.

The Treasury believes the controversial ex politician, who has been jailed twice for contempt of court, should pay for the cost of his failed bid for a judicial review into the way he was arrested at his Grouville home in 2009.

Commissioner Howard Page put the case on the 'pending' list and gave Mr Syvret three months to respond from the date he receives a letting detailing the claim.

The ex Senator had earlier argued that the judge and the court were conflicted so had no legitimate power but this application was rejected.


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  1. As an aside, I had the Dibble (police) round my gaff this morning who wanted to talk to me, I told them I was busy! They refused to state what it was they wanted to talk about other than "some phone calls".

    I refused to let them in as they never stated that they had a warrant for my arrest, if I had opened the door they would undoubtedly have pounced on me and kidnapped me. They could have talked to me 'through' the door, yet they did not.

    What we have here is the same shit we always have, public servants with no Lawful authority trying to stamp their mythical authority on the masters, and without jumping through the lawful hoops.

    If I have committed a Common Law crime, serve the correct papers on me, I am man enough to admit my transgression if my alleged crime has injured anyone!

    Failing that, fuck off....just fuck right off.