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Monday, 31 March 2014

"Syria....The BBC At It Again"

"More Lies From Tell-Lie-Vision?"

Published on 23 Mar 2014
New evidences of the total fabrication of '#Syria's_ atrocity' , the involvment and Media staging in the Syrian #chemical_attack.

BBC 'total fabrication from beginning to end' of Syria 'atrocity'; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in #NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back.

Seek truth from facts with #UK Member of Parliament George Galloway; Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle; investigative reporter John Helmer; ordinary Syrians; and Ukraine covergirl 'Julia'.

Published on Mar 23, 2014 by The Truthseeker (RT)



  1. Ian.

    Is there any wonder the discredited, and disgraced, BBC would be promoting hate-sites against REAL JOURNALISTS?

    Is there any wonder the discredited, and disgraced, BBC would be silencing OPPOSITION POLITICIANS?

    Is there any wonder the discredited, and disgraced, BBC is not believed when it claims to be impartial, balanced and HONEST?

    What a disgrace that institution has turned out to be.

  2. I recall reading an article on how a certain MEP was held at the locked gates of Television Centre in Shepherds Bush to allow a baying mob of protesters to run round from another gate to attack the car just for the cameras.
    Is the BBC modelling itself on Elliot Carver from "Tomorrow Never Dies"?

  3. Surely if there was enough proof of the supposed 'faking', then ITV would be exposing this?? Ok, doesn't matter cos ITV is the same-cos it's still public media, overseen by the Government.

    Whatever, i can agree that any Gov regulated 'regular media' is mostly weighted towards 'dumbing down' and pacifying populations with mostly irrelivent nonsense of zero importance, in order to distract them from the real truths which would probably cause a lot of unrest if they were revealed.

    People think that when they read the news that they are given a fair picture, but it's just the picture the government wants them to see. This is the beauty of the internet, because now people can wake up to the truths, although they may not be able to sleep well at night, lol!