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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"Swine Flu Sue & The Fruitcake - The King And Queen Of Dis-info"

"For Or Against Cannabis?"

Not much competition really when you look at the judges!

Jersey Medical Officer, Sue Turnbull believes there is no harm in vaccinating babies and pregnant mothers? While Dr Russell Blaylock (world renowned neurosurgeon) says...."I can think of nothing more insane".

Ian Le Marquand believes that 65 children's teeth (some with roots still attached) fell through the same gap in the same floorboard at Haut De La Garenne while Lenny Harper almost choked on his prawn cocktail....

Click on the pics to read them.

Your sure to vomit either way!


  1. Dishonesty and misinformation about cannabis from Dr Susan Turnbull and Ian Le Marquand. The claims about increased risk of lung, neck and head cancer and that 20% risk serious psychosis are simply false.

    These dinosaurs must be called out and made to justify their claims with evidence.

  2. Unfortunately Peter, the last thing Jersey officials will ever offer up is evidence!