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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"Reduced Insurance Premium Promise Traded For Your Privacy Rights"

"How Many Mugs Will Fall For This One?"

As the world surveillance state grows by the day we are constantly being bombarded with wi-fi radiation, mobiles, microwaves, cordless phones, Internet connections, gas, electricity and water "SMART" meters, and now from our own motors.

I find it absolutely stunning how few people realise that this is going on, and even more worrying, the amount who have done any research into these matters....Do you have any idea what this electronic interference does to your body and mind?

Do you realise that most new cars are already equipped with monitors or tracking devices of some description?

Do you want your every single move watched by these pigs?

Do you think this technology is going to benefit you?

The second you hit 31mph you will be receiving a fine in the post.

Wakey Wakey slaves!!!

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