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Monday, 24 March 2014

"Pigs Spying On Pigs To Dupe The People - 1,133 Idiots Believing The Establishment!!!"

"Jersey's Pathetic Oligarchy

Trying To Deceive You Again"

Unlawful Police Jersey added 6 new photos.
Busy night on Jersey's town last night (Sat 22 - Sunday 23/3/14) with 3 arrests taking place outside Havana Night Club in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The arrests were reportedly made from reports of a possible/potential assault on an unnamed individual. 3 individuals were quickly identified and taken into custody by officers.
Officer were slightly heavy handed at one point however nothing major. Their actions were completely justified with one individual slightly resisting and officers show good restraint not to put them to the floor.
All arrests appeared lawful and justified.
  • Ian Evans
  • Ian Evans "Officer were slightly heavy handed at one point however nothing major".Nothing major if you were not the one incarcerated all night...."Slightly heavy handed?" Please explain yourself!
    • Unlawful Police Jersey Hi there Ian, the incident mentioned in this status was when it had been reported to officers that 3 individuals had either assaulted somebody or were going to, two of the individuals where currently having an argument with somebody, officers then swif...See More
      43 minutes ago · Like · 1
    • Ian Evans How do you know all this? Are you a cop? If not, why would anyone in the police force give you this information? Something stinks about this FB Group!!!
    • Ian Evans Well???
    • Unlawful Police Jersey Hi Ian I can fully assure you that I'm not a cop. This page is completely independent from the Police and any other Goverment/Jersey organization. 

      All the information gathered is obtained from of course Police Officers (If they do talk) what is obser...See More
    • Ian Evans So who took the photographs? Who told you what was said? How is it that you know word for bloody word what was said?
    • Ian Evans Well???
    • Unlawful Police Jersey The photographs where taken by one of our reporters. Part of the incident was filmed among photographs being taken. In this incident the Police officers refused to speak to anybody or reveal the nature of the incident, all information was obtained by w...See More
    • Ian Evans So who are you? Who are your operatives with cameras that have nothing better to do on a weekend than take snaps of the filth?
    • Ian Evans And I might hasten to add, in the early hours of the morning! Everybody knows who I am, I hide nothing, what's your excuse? You changed admins the other week but the same style of writing prevailed after this alleged change of admin, what on earth are you hiding?
    • Unlawful Police Jersey We do not wish to disclose our identity through Facebook. Incidents do normally get recorded photographed as and when they are seen by our reporters, they don't necessarily go our purely to capture this.
    • Ian Evans Can I ask you a very reasonable question? Do you think that I, and the rest of the Jersey people are complete and utter fu*king idiots?
    • Ian Evans This group is nothing other than pig based trauma designed to cheat the general population into perhaps giving up some small degree of info on the odd occasion that the filth might manipulate in the future to bring about more trumped up charges against unsuspecting mugs!!! You and your group can consider themselves RUMBLED!!!

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