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Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Legalize Cannabis Petition"

"Understanding The Real Issues"

1. Cannabis/Hemp Oil either aids or cures just about every illness on the planet, from glaucoma to cancer, can you imagine the impact on nurses and doctors (especially in Jersey) not being able to shaft you £40 for six minutes for ten hours a day?

2. Can you imagine how pissed Big Pharma are going to get when they go from earning trillions a year from their sales of poison to virtually bankrupt over night? Especially remembering that most of those in government have rather large interests in the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Can you imagine how empty the boozers in Jersey are going to be if dudes can hang out in the fresh air in a park, or on the beach to smoke a spliff? No more £4 a pint for the brewery who produce a pint for mere pennies.

4. Can you imagine the plummet in tobacco sales that governments cream billions a year from?

5. What about all those wonderful cancer charities which have been turning you all over for every penny they can lie and cheat from you for the last 100 years? Who will buy them all those nice new flash laboratories in which they create and manufacture designer viruses to take you out permanently?

6. How will the poor old CIA and Vatican feel when they, the largest drugs outfit on the planet, have got legal competition to something they have held exclusive to themselves for eons.

7. It's the big number "7" God's number.
By their own damned laws they are not permitted to patent anything that occurs naturally in nature. God's last will and testament left everything in nature to us. There is no profit in curing people of their ailments if the cure is free, so they make it illegal!!!


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