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Friday, 28 March 2014

"Jersey Sheep Still Begging For Permission From The Servants"

Camping petition gains almost 700 'likes'

A petition to allow people to camp in areas around Jersey that are not organised campsites has gained around 200 signatures since the start of this week.

The paper is called 'Allow Jersey Residents to camp overnight in their motorhomes in delegated areas around the island with use of a permit.'

People can currently be fined £500 if they are caught camping illegally without a permit.

The writer of the petition, Brett Muldoon, wants people to be able to camp overnight in areas of the island that aren't official campsites.

The petition states: "We understand the frustrations with small minorities that are disruptive to the surrounding environment and litter the areas, however the majority of us are respectful of the environment and just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery Jersey has to offer.

"We would like a permit to be issued allowing residents to camp overnight in 'agreed' locations of the island."

A Facebook group has also been set up to gain support for the cause has also been set up.

The social media group has gained almost 700 ‘likes’ since it was set up earlier this week.

To find out more about the campaign or to sign the petition, click here .

"You Have A Inalienable Right To Camp"

Oh dear, the Masters asking the servants for permission again!

Let's get this straight once and for all, government cannot license anything that is not illegal....driving being a prime example as everyone has an inalienable right to travel.

Government are simply our employees, they are public servants, we the employers are the Masters, get that through your thick skulls.

We do not need permission from anyone to camp out under the stars, it is our land, not governments land, the land and everything on it was left to us by God, check out their law books if you don't believe me.

Even more sickening about this article is the fact that not only are people begging for permission to do something they already have a God given right to do, they are actively going out of their way to try and make the government charge them for the privilege!

Sleeping under the stars is not a benefit or a privilege, it is an inalienable right that all men and women have. The second you start grovelling for permission you lose your rights as you have approached government with a view to contracting with them.

Children ask for permission.



  1. look you can go to an area on a sunday afternoon and have a kip so whats all the fuss about if the sun goes down ? the world is for us to enjoy day or night . funny how the cops come out more at night *and there is more crime committed during the day in the states departments lol . eomf

    1. Spot on eomf, "the world is for us to enjoy day or night" not to have to pay for!!!

  2. funny thing yesterday on the radio they were chating about this ,some bright spot said it is ok to be in a camper but not a van converted ,so that means to me that only the rich can enjoy life . last year i took my dog in my old van and camped out in st ouen cops came and asked if i had been drinking .yes i said loads ha ha the look on there face when i said i had hid the keys and was going to stay the night , had a great night and chilled under the stars . eomf

  3. "" it is our land, not governments land, and everything on it was left to us by God, check out their law books if you don't believe me. ""

    Ha ha! That's a Good one Ian. Since when has the land and what grows on it been ours? The Land 'owner' effectively owns that, and the Government effectively 'own' that person.

    Regardless of natural and logical laws, 'they' will say that all campers must be treated as litterbugs because of a small minority. The only way campers can therefore win the argument is agree to not litter, and to agree to fines for littering, rather than expensive permits-don't you think that's a better idea?

  4. "" look you can go to an area on a sunday afternoon and have a kip so whats all the fuss about if the sun goes down ? """

    What about people who don't have toilets?

    1. They'll have to do what the cows do.