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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"Jersey Ministers Will Be Forced To Agree With Chief Minister Ian Gorst!"

Chief Minister to have new powers?

Jersey's Chief Minister will have the power to choose his own Council and hire, fire or shuffle ministers, if proposals lodged with the States are approved.
Chief Minister Ian Gorst has previously expressed his wish to make changes to the machinery of government but today he has acted on those intentions and presented his plans to the House.
He is proposing to introduce collective responsibility - which requires all ministers to publicly support all decisions made by the Council, even if they do not privately agree with them.
In addition, if a vote of no confidence motion is passed, the Council is collectively responsible and all ministers would resign.
And, he also wants the Chief Minister to have the power to fire ministers, instead of it being down to the States as it is currently.


  1. Seeing as the chief minister is a sock puppet? doesn't that just mean Bailhache will have unlimited power?

  2. If he truly is the leader he thinks he is. He would resign along with all the others. Let the public decided.