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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"Is 'Beetroot Head' Bob Drinking All Our Money Away?"

Church signs off its break from Diocese of Winchester
Jersey's centuries-old ties with the Diocese of Winchester have officially been severed after an agreement was signed for the Island to be overseen by the Bishop of Dover.
Typical church stained glass window, (stained) being the operative!
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Winchester, the Bishop of Dover and the Deans of Jersey and Guernsey yesterday signed the agreement to give effect to the changes announced in January.
The move follows a long-running dispute which started following concerns over the handling of a sexual abuse claim by Jersey's Dean, the Very Rev Bob Key. He was cleared of any wrongdoing.
Mr Key welcomed the move, which will be followed by a commission being set up to look at the relationship between the islands and the wider Church of England.
He said that no decision had yet been made about if Jersey would ever return to the Diocese of Winchester or if a Diocese of the Channel Islands could be created.
"Purple Headed People Eater"
That is some colour kyte, and some plum nose too, has Bob's way of living (off the peoples hard earned tax bucks) finally caught up with him?
Looks like parasite, Bob Key, has finally bitten off more than he can chew with regard to the stresses of life and conscience. He was cleared of any wrongdoing, yet looks as though he is drinking himself into the ground, with guilt and shame being the tools of his demise.
Yet he walks hand in hand with all concerned to bring about a Channel Island coup to abandon the church for the mere mortal whilst plotting (it appears) to bring about a new church where Emperor Bailhache will be the leading light.
Readers, it's a New World Order thing, out with the old and in with the new, the new being the worship of Gaia....
Why have Guernsey joined the debacle?
What has Jersey's problems with the church got to do with Guernsey?
Serf Bailhache, in my opinion, along with the Corporation of the City of London, is trying to instigate some sort of super duper world wide banking cartel exclusive to those in power as Switzerland is losing it's grip as the fanciful place to store your ill gotten gains.
We know the American Dollar will soon be busted and disbanded as the world currency, it is unsustainable via debt created through the Federal Reserve.
My next posting will explain my rantings in a language the plebs will understand.
Until then....


  1. I know, I was simply quoting our gutter press above. "Politely pardoned" should have been the phrase used mate :)