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Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Governments Smashing The Vulnerable!"

"The People In Crisis"

England, Jersey, it doesn't matter where you live your government considers you a useless eater. They don't want poor or sick people in the world using up all "THEIR" resources, they just want them rich people, and some slaves to do the work for them. That is the simple truth about the eugenicists who are running the New World Order.

Do you think they care if people in Jersey start topping themselves?

Do they hand over a cure if a child gets cancer?


In fact, they are going out of their way to finish off organic food and natural remedies completely. They pray you die on the day you retire so they don't have to give you any of your money back, why do you think they keep raising the legal retirement age? Shortly, most people won't even live long enough to retire what with the fluoride and chlorine in the water, all the nano particles causing cancer and other degenerative brain diseases. The pesticides and shit they spray on our GMO foods are enough to get the job done itself.

Youngsters are taught the most worthless crap in schools, along with the lies they claim are history. School is simply an indoctrination process designed to dumb down the younger generations and create the perfect slaves by the time they are eighteen. They removed the trivium and quadrivium from the curriculum many years ago, do you think this might have been done for a reason?

They don't want critical thinkers....

Time to wake up people!

Teens in crisis



  2. I believe that there is a better way to address these issues. Firstly when talking about 'teenagers', we must face the facts that there is a distinction between: Kids under the age of 18; and Adults aged 18 and over.

    Secondly, kids, living at home with their parents should be properly cared for by their parents. If they are buying things for adults aged 18 and over such as alcohol or legal highs, then the parents should be prosecuted for failing in their duty of care- that is to be responsable parents.

    Thirdly, when dealing with an Adult aged 18 and over, we must allow them to enjoy the freedoms that the law allows, wether we agree or not to the choices that they make.

    So this basically boils down to good basic parenting up to Adulthood, and allowing the Teenagers rise to Adulthood where they can choose the path of their future. And maybe the powers that be must realise that the lack of jobs for teenagers is largely their own doing, so should perhaps show more compassion towards these tennagers and promote further education possabilities rather than seeing them as 'problems'.

  3. There is no doubting that there are some good subjects covered on your blog, but these are likely precipitated by current events or things you are aware of.
    I wonder what else is lurking in the shadows about dodgy activities which the general public WOULD vent if there was such a column specifically for new matters which you could sift accordingly.

    Just a thought!

    1. Hi anon, there are labels at the bottom of each article linking to other posts of the same nature. With the amount of posts on this bl;og it would be too much to categorize every single post, thanks.