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Thursday, 27 March 2014

"Environment Department Receive Slapped Wrist For Breaking The Law"

Environment Dept in "sensitive" data breach

Jersey's Environment Department's been given a formal telling off for breaching data protection rules.

The island's Data Protection Officer says it involves "sensitive personal data".

It's issued formal enforcement notice.

It follows a complaint received by the Commissioner about information held by the department about an individual.

The information was received by the department from a third party source in relation to an investigation into breaches of Jersey’s planning and building law.

The Chief Executive Officer of Environment Department, Andy Scate, said: "The complaint arose after information was shared with the complainant as part of a data subject access request and the department has worked transparently and freely with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner on this matter."

"I welcome the enforcement notice because it provides further clarity as to what information should, and should not be held concerning compliance investigations."

It means the department must remove certain data it holds on the individual concerned, but only if the complainant agrees.

The department will also review its procedures.


  1. What the fuck is the environment department doing with sensitive personal data ? What is this data?

  2. As soon as the context of this so called data Which was from a source which has changed or even been made up to cover the mallishious enviromemt department antics is revealed publicly, these tirants will face criminal proceedings as it was purely a defamatory attack on these people.

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  4. Jep page 5 tonight

    1. Not got the filthy rag to hand, sorry.