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Saturday, 15 March 2014

"End Of The Road For Privacy And Common Sense - Government Will Do Your Thinking For You"

"Jersey Welcomes Being Monitored 24/7....
Do You Enjoy Being Spied On 24/7?"

End of the road for boy racers

"Critical Thinking - Dead in The Water"

Here we go again with the JEP pushing the Jersey and globalist agenda of control, a truly pathetic peace of utter nonsense by the MSM slave, Krysta Eaves.

Perhaps she should change her name to Kryst-A-Mighty!

Anyhoo, let us push on with a quick scan of this alleged 'news-paper' article.

The nightmare begins, "End of the road for boy racers" well, for a kick off, it won't be. The title of this clandestine garbage is simply there to make it appear as a good thing, the press have for decades associated any crash involving a youngster with the "boy racer" label. They warble on about not being "able to escape the prying eyes of worried parents". Worried parents? Surely if a parent had any concerns they would not let their kids out in a car in the first instance. Nope, worried was just thrown in there to heighten alarm.

They then drool on about all the info parents can monitor about the vehicles operation and location, but do they give any inkling whatsoever as to who else can and will be monitoring such activities? Wake up people!

"The information is automatically uploaded to a secure webpage" Really? For your information there are no secure webpages on the planet as we have learned from the NSA.

They then blart on about driving down insurance premiums followed by the most mind fuck statement in this literary entanglement, "as well as bring an end to age-old family disputes over who used all the petrol and caused the dent in the front bumper"....

Who dreams up this utter crap?

They then make a rather profound statement in that "Jersey is one of the first places in the world where the device has gone on sale, along with the UK and the United States". As myself and Cyril have said on a number of occasions, we believe that Jersey is a testing ground for anything the globalists wish to trot out to control the masses, USA and the UK being the leading globalist nations on the planet.

In fact, I'm not even going on anymore, my next sentence sums it all up....

"It's About Surveillance & Control!"

Go buy your silly gadget :)

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