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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"Drink Drive Cop Get's Slapped Wrist"

"Us & Them"

Equality under the law is paramount and mandatory


"He was sentenced to 70 hours community service"

So was I for being abused by the police!

"Morin was also fined £500"

I was fined £500 for being beaten up by four cops with a stick!

"His drinking was getting problematic but he never missed a day of work"

Was he turning up to work drunk as well?

Wonder if his rather large pension will be affected?


  1. Let's be honest, he should have got away Scott free. He is a policeman, so does community service everyday, by protecting us. As for the fine, that's ridiculous. This man is an upstanding member of the community and is allowed to let off a bit of steam by having a drink.

    1. I suppose....When they get away with Grave & Criminal Assault, perjury and perverting the course of justice as often as they do, skittling a work colleague whilst pissed, then driving off is no real biggie!!!

  2. Like the way they also mentioned he 'retired' in February too!! He got got caught THIS TIME! Wonder how many other rozzers are getting away with this