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Monday, 10 March 2014

"DON'T DRIVE IN THE SUN!!! - Programming The Slaves"

Spate of crashes in the sun

See how they tap into your indoctrination processes with a keyword, "POLICE"
and then follow it up with an "ORDER"!
There was a rise in road crashes in Jersey during the weekend.

On Saturday, Jersey Police attended 10 road accidents and are now warning islanders to be careful driving in the sun.

It was the warmest weekend of the year and officers say it’s incredibly unusual to get so many collisions in such a short space of time.

Acting Inspector Dave Turnbull said: “All we can assume is that people were a little bit more relaxed than normal and did not take their usual care. 

“We would just remind people to stay safe, whatever the weather. Luckily on this occasion there were no serious injuries, but that could have been a very different story.” 
Here is where the collisions happened...

7am – La Haule Hill – single vehicle, no injuries. 
7.25am – La Rue des Alleurs, Gorey – two vehicle, no injuries. 
9.45am – La Route de Maufant – two vehicle, no injuries. 
12.45pm – Victoria Avenue – two vehicle hit and run, no injuries. 
1.45pm – La Rue de Causie – two vehicle, no injuries. 
1.45pm – Cheapside – Car vs pedestrian, minor injury to pedestrian. 
2.15pm – Sandybrook – Car vs bicycle, no injuries. 
2.40pm – Le Clos de Gorey – Car vs motorbike, minor injuries.
5.20pm – Victoria Avenue – two vehicle, no injuries. 
6pm – Beresford Street – two vehicle, no injuries

"Indoctrination Is The Name Of The Game"

Good they posted the times and places of the accidents since accidents have happened since life existed on earth, and we can now analyse their stats!

7am....The sun is barely up by then and certainly not shining on La Haule Hill!
7.25am Perhaps there might been a bit of sun, but not much at that time!
9.45am Maufant if there was any sun it could have been shinning anywhere!
12.45pm Victoria avenue no sun could have been shining in anyone's eyes at that time as the sun would have been to the left or right of anyone driving down Vicky avenue in either direction!
1.45pm Cheapside? Sun? You gotta be shittin me! The area is built up and blocks the sun at that time!
2.15pm Sandybrook, Again, sun to the left and right and not in your face!
2.40pm It's a miracle if Gorey even see's any sun at this time of day!
5.20pm Victoria avenue sun is obscured by St Peters valley and all surrounding hills!
6.00pm Beresford St? That's in town. No sunshine there even in the middle of summer, let alone before spring! I live where the sun sets an it set about 6.20pm in the west!!!

These assholes are so full of shit.



  1. Did you hear about the churchwarden and the lamp post, the sun was at an unusual angle because he was looking at a lady, and he ended up with his car wrapped round a lamp post! :) Some years ago now.

  2. Hmmm? Food for thought. Tell me more :)

  3. well, he was apparently blinded by the sun and wrapped his car round a lamp post, what more can I tell? He said the centenier was not happy about the damage to the lamp post and he wrote the car off.

    Some time during my time in Jersey he or his wife damaged their car again and blamed me that time, apparently, I have never got to the bottom of that, but there was no way I could have done that damage and nothing came of it. HG