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Sunday, 2 March 2014

"Dean Clifford Update From Prison part 5"

"Court Rejects Paperwork Because It's Written

On Lined Paper"

Published on 2 Mar 2014
Dean Clifford is still out at Brandon Correctional Centre for over 3 months now. It has been tough to get on the phone there, and he can only contact his brother, but no one else. There is a lot of chatter out there on internet at the moment with people saying this doesn't work, shills posting negative videos, basically making fun of the whole law movement that is growing.

So Dean decided to address this. Basically he has made it pretty clear in the past, when they do try one of these hard take downs on the law movement, we can expect at least one of us to go to jail for a little while because they are going to try and make examples of people. They are going to try and do whatever they can and Dean was the big target to take down so he kind of expected this and to be going away for a little while anyway and wasn't a big deal for him.
But the interesting thing is, the tactic that they have relied on to keep him in there to date has been to deny him all access to a notary or a commissioner of oath. He has had requests filed into the courts since the middle of December to have access to a commissioner of oath or a notary and those requests from many parties have been ignored. These violations by the judiciary have been put on the record via registered mail and certified affidavits.
This has been a good learning exercise to find out all the tricks, delay tactics and denials of service so that when the average Joe finds themselves in this situation, we know what to do about it in future without having a huge team to back one up.
The process Dean is executing is something the average every day person can do unassisted and without a whole group of people barraging the courts with filings or depending on many people to do all the leg work for them. Dean of course has had assistance with specific filings with the aid of a few people, which in turn has actually been simpler to manage and organize.
Because Dean has been unable to get much certified by a notary or commissioner of oath due to being completely denied access to one, he has had difficulty having his filings or motions, etc, heard in court. At the last hearing in Queens Bench, the judge didn't dismiss anything, didn't grant anything but basically just started berating Dean for not having a sworn affidavit knowing full well he has no access to a notary. In the end the judge just adjourned sin die with no future date set. But that is being taken care of now.
So their biggest tactic this whole time is to not afford Dean judicial fairness and try and implore the impossible from him. In terms of conducting a hearing Viva Voce [] they don't care and just resort to ignoring, talking over and behaving like you're not even there. It is no wonder the transcripts have been highly manipulated, omitted and not a true account of what has gone on in the court room. Even in most of the hearings, they have made it look Dean was present in which they just brought him in towards the end. They have done their best to literally ignore him, which isn't really a tactic. Over 96 days as of tomorrow, there is one simple thing they have not been able to answer yet in which they have done everything they can to try and avoid answering this, and that is one simple question, 5 words long, "What's the cause of action?". They will not answer that because there is no cause of action at all and they know this. The cause of action does not mean the statutory charges.
What a cause of action is, and a good analogy is, for example, every time one makes a latte in your own home with your own machine in your kitchen and it is almost certain that it is violating Starbucks policy on how to make a latte in according to their own corporate policies, sort of like the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA ACT etc., substitute in CANADA with other corporate nations.
So the Starbucks policy enforcers raid his home and charge him for violating codes in corporate policy on how to make a latte. The problem is, you're an independent coffee shop. You're making a coffee for yourself, at home, or if you did own a coffee shop, it's not a Starbucks. So if you own your own coffee shop, and the Starbucks police walk in and say, hey that isn't in accordance with Starbucks policy and they charge you. Well that's exactly what is going on. 

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