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Thursday, 27 March 2014

"Curtis Warren & Tax Paying Mugs Stiffed Again"

Warren facing another ten years in jail

Drugs baron Curtis Warren is today facing the possibility of another ten years in jail after losing an appeal against a record £198m confiscation order.
Curtis Warren faces an extra ten years in jail
Last year the Royal Court ordered the gangster to pay the huge sum after ruling that he had amassed a fortune through years of drug trafficking.
And Warren, who is currently serving a 13-year sentence for attempting to smuggle £1m worth of cannabis into Jersey, was warned that unless he paid up he would spend another decade behind bars.
Today the Court of Appeal rejected his application for leave to appeal against the order.
The 50-year-old, who was due to be released next year, will now spend another ten years in a high security prison in the UK unless he pays back the £198m.

"Judge Michael Beloff QC said the evidence used was "entirely reasonable" and he was satisfied Warren could pay the money."


  1. Currtis Warren - 23 years inside for NOT bringing any cannabis into Jersey, but possibly considering it ????

    As Anne Pryke is considering bringing cannabis into Jersey for "medicinal purposes", but has not yet done so, can we send her down too, please?