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Saturday, 29 March 2014

"Cancer Cure Awareness"

"Cancer Is Not Cured With Medicine Or Drugs But With Knowledge"

Shaving hair off for charity

Watch how Heather raised thousands...

A Jersey woman has raised thousands of pounds for a cancer charity by shaving off all her hair.

38-year-old Heather Fowler organised the event not only to support the group After Breast Cancer, but for her partner who is losing her hair to the disease.

Jill Murphy, 46, was diagnosed at the start of this year. Jill has since had a mastectomy and two rounds of chemotherapy.

The support group After Breast Cancer Care has been a lifeline for the couple who have been together for 10 years. 

She says she's very proud of what her girlfriend has done.

Jill says, “It’s fantastic what she’s done. To shave off her own hair so I wouldn’t feel odd. People stare at me because most of my hair is gone but now we can both be ‘baldies’ together. 

“We can walk down the street and not care who is looking at us, we don’t need to wear hats!”

Check out the 1939 Cancer Act at the link below.

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