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Thursday, 20 March 2014

"A Good Argument For Legalizing Cannabis By Darius Pearce"

"A Government With Blood On It's Hands"

How many lives has cannabis/hemp saved? How many ailments has it cured? How many people have benefited from taking the oil? How many people have died from using cannabis/hemp?

Almost every man, woman and child who dies of cancer has their government to blame.

God, in his last will and testament (see Genesis) left every plant for us to use as we see fit, that is God's Law, a law that overrides all laws as the creator is at the top of the Law hierarchy.

The article Darius was responding to is at the link below.

In the article, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand, and Medical Officer, Dr Susan Turnbull made some pretty wild claims against cannabis/hemp so we would like to see some proof of their claims please :)

No doubt the silence will be deafening as per usual!

1 comment:

  1. Darius writes an excellent comment, as per usual.

    And just as Darius explains that there are these untested Legal highs that can be legally bought off the internet which are often more dangerous that illegal drugs- but still allowed, one must surely ask why the reasonably safe Cannabis is still illegal??

    In studies, the only potential risk was psychosis, and this they found to be mostly an issue for teenagers smoking under 18, and with strong and 'unbalanced strains' of the plant.

    Surely in todays age there must be some time alloted to a mature and sensible discussion about the matter. If it was grown locally, healthy balanced strains could be grown which would maximise the positive points and diminish the negative ones.

    Based on this, it beggers belief that tobacco which has no positive benefit whatsoever and is clearly harmful, is still legal and sold. I find that so hippocrital.