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Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Will Autism Group Reveal True Costs And Benefits Of Free Trip?"

Autism group conquer Kilimanjaro

But do Autism group conquer Autism?

A team of Islanders have achieved their ambition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
The group of 26 were aiming to raise £50,000 for Autism Jersey through their six day charity trek, but have already raised more than £54,000, with more money still coming in.
The team, who took the Lemosho Route to the mountain's 5,895-metre peak, ranged in age from the early 20s up to 70 and included a policeman, two accountants, some finance employees, a restaurateur and a member of the Jersey Criminal Justice team, as well as three trustees and three members of staff from Autism Jersey.
Donations can still be made to the JT Kilimanjaro Climb participants online at:
"A team of Islanders have achieved their ambition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro."
But WTF have they done for autism in Jersey?
What use is their ambition of climbing mount Kilimanjaro for the people of Jersey who suffer from autism?
Did they pay for their own trip....
Do they even know what causes Autism?
Of course they don't....They just want your money to pay into the same scam merchants they use for scrounging money off gullible fuckwit's for cancer charities.

Cancer, which is totally curable in this day and age, and has been since the days of Dr Maximillian Gerson (80 years ago).

Wake up jersey, and smell the coff coff....

I will be starting a healing centre in the next 3 months, a healing centre that will run simply on donations, if the tight fisted will not donate, then it falls apart on it's arse.

We will be curing Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Lupus, Epstein Barr, ME, MRSA, CFS, Herpes, all STD's, Gout, Eczema, Thrush, MMR, MS, all infections, virus's, diabetes, hepatitis, all fungus's ....and all lumps on titties!


Coz we know how to cure this shit!!!

That's why....


  1. Pardon me for being very interested in this post, I have experience of autism Jersey.

    There is no known cure for autism, so the 'aim' of the Charity is to make life more comfortable for sufferers.

    My experience of autism Jersey was that although they 'mean well' in some ways they added to my suffering.

    Philip LeClaire went to extreme lengths to help people with autism, he put his heart and soul into it, despite having faulty memory.
    He can be assured I will never forget that, but other members of autism Jersey, one in particular, harmed me, and that has remained a wound to me and unresolved, that person, because of what they did, should not be allowed to work for them, but there is no complaints procedure.

    Autism Jersey obviously had problems throughout the time I knew them, finacial and personell and internal problems, but basically, they are there to make life more comfortable for autism sufferers, whether they achieve it or not.