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Friday, 14 February 2014

"Tonight We Finish Off With Jersey's Favorite Pastime - Paedophilia"

Jersey man James Videgrain jailed for child images

A man who downloaded and made more than 1,300 indecent images of children has been jailed for 18 months.
James Christopher Videgrain, 29, of Jersey, pleaded guilty at the Royal Court.
Videgrain - who the court was told was "disgusted and devastated at what he'd put his family through" - also admitted downloading and making nearly 90 films featuring children.
Judge Sir Michael Birt said he must serve a jail term.
The court heard Videgrain downloaded the images over six years from January 2007 to March 2013.
Of those, 60 of the films and 25% of the images were classed in categories four to five - the most serious level.
"Paedophile, Child Beater, or 

just poor Comparison?"
Whats the difference? Well actually, there is a lot of difference and it all depends on whether or not you are employed by the Jersey government!
Now take the above scum, probably unemployed with no high up mates in the States of Jersey or the police force. Then take Mario Lundy, head of children's education, who is a prolific child beater, and who is about to get a huge pay off from the tax paying mugs to leave his position and fuck off. Probably to some tropical island that does not have an extradition treaty with Jersey or England, and all before the Committee of Inquiry into Jersey child abuse finishes.
Then there is Danny Wherry, child rapist and torturer of children who is also still employed by the States of Jersey at Overdale Hospital, how much are the tax paying mugs going to be giving this sick pervert? Will he enjoy the same gold plated pension as Mario Lundy? No doubt that he will also announce his retirement before the Committee of Inquiry is concluded....
A Government Of Depraved Shit


  1. Now don't exaggerate Ian.

    Even in Jersey paedophilia is still a minority pastime.

    but it is not just children at risk:

    It is COVERING UP which is the island's participation sport.
    With swathes of the population and the media enthusiastically cheer-leading from the sidelines!

    What are these people on?

    A meek and gullible population.
    #complacent middle class should be revolting !

    Await the rest of the blog and weep at what you have allowed.
    No more !

  2. Now take the above scum, probably unemployed with no high up mates in the States of Jersey or the police force

    How incorrect one can be.

    Beaver / Cub Scout helper. Electrician, Parent in the employ of the SOJ. He even worked at HMP.

    1. Thanks anon, that makes matters all the worse!