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Thursday, 20 February 2014

"The UK Column - Bring Back The Bradbury"

"The Return Of Debt Free Currency"

Join Us At Westminster On Budget Day

It is Budget Day on the 19th March. George Osborne will announce to the world that everything is well, the Conservatives have saved the world, and millions of new jobs have been created since 2010.
In the meantime, two and a half million people remain out of work, over a million of them for more than six months, and Britain's productivity has fallen behind that of Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. 
And while people sit idle, Britain's infrastructure continues it's terminal collapse, with people flooded out of their homes, businesses and farms, or have their property damaged by sinkholes. The main line to Plymouth is still closed as a result of the collapse of the sea wall at Dawlish, and motoring organistaions warn that we are not far from roads being closed due to the scale of the winter pothold damage.
Osborne's austerity programme is systematically taking the nation to third world status, and people sit idle.
So we would like to invite you to join us at the Houses of Parliament on the 19th March. This will not be a protest. We will not be shouting slogans or carrying banners. Rather will will be speaking to as many people as possible - passers by, journalists, any MPs not so scared of their constituents that they feel the need to call the police - about the Bradbury Pound and about the policy of national credit which it represents. 
Details of where we will meet and at what time will be announced closer to the time, but in the meantime please put a note in your diary and we hope to see you there.

UK Column Live

There will be no UK Column Live news updates next week (24th-28th Feb) while we work on other things. Evening live programmes will go head as usual:
Monday, 19:30 - Humanity versus Insanity: The Crane Report
Monday, 21:00 - Fracking Nightmare
Tuesday, 21:00 - The Health Revolution
Friday, 18:00 - Doomwatch
Additionally we will be streaming out a selection of pre-recorded talks, interviews and documentaries. It can all be found, as usual, at
UK Column Live will return at 1pm on Monday, 3rd March.

A Doomwatch Special

Next Tuesday, 25th Feb, at 2PM, alex:g will present a special live edition of Doomwatch, with special guest comedian and activist Mark Thomas, talking about his “100 Acts of Minor Dissent” tour and matters of freedom and liberty...

The Most Valuable Evening Of The Year: Finding And Keeping Your Health

This Saturday, 22nd Feb, Clive de Carle and Richard Cumbers are speaking on health issues at The Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BH1 1AF.
For more on Clive and Richard, please see Episode 7 of The Health Revolution.
Tickets are available from and cost £5

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